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Functional, convenient and colourful

Somluck Srimalee The Nation
Functional, convenient and colourful

Baan Ladawan on Ratchaphruek Road matches young home-owners' modern lifestyles

Functionality and convenience are the main design concepts of ready-to-stay Ladawan-brand homes by Land and Houses, on Bangkok's Ratchaphruek Road.

Interior-design manager Chaiyuth Suksrianusorn said interior designers worked together with architects to design the homes, under the company's Baan Sabai concept.

"We must think of what our customers need in their home, then we design both the structure and the interiors for functionality, to match our customers' lifestyles," he said.

Baan Sabai, as the concept is adapted for the Ladawan project on Ratchaphruek Road, is unusual in that it takes design elements from Bangkok's earliest Rattanakosin period. These can be seen on the front of the houses, in window and door edgings, wider windows and a long porch.

Chaiyuth said the interior design had to match the building concept by establishing a "roomy, convenient" feeling. White and ivory were selected as the main interior colours, since they easily matched a variety of furnishings, including leather, wood, cotton, stainless steel and steel.

As functionality was a major consideration, built-in furniture was provided in several rooms, including a big shoe cupboard near the entrance to the house from the garage, a built-in kitchen, built-in wardrobes and a walk-in dressing area in the main bedroom.

Chaiyuth selected wood and cotton for the free-form furniture that matched the main design of the houses.

"Wood and cotton creates a warm feeling of welcome for visitors and home-owners. It's also convenient and easy to clean," he said.

Not forgetting a touch of beauty in the midst of functionality, Chaiyuth selected bright colours as highlights in all rooms of both sizes of Rattanakosin houses: the 234-square-metre version with four bedrooms and three bathrooms and the 276-square-metre version with four bedrooms and four bathrooms.

The first floor of both house sizes includes a bedroom, living room, dining room and kitchen. The architect provided long glass windows and a door in one wall, to create a feeling of closeness with nature.

The second floor of both house sizes has three bedrooms, a family area and a prayer room. The second floor uses wood as its main flooring material.

Chaiyuth said wood was the best raw material for Thai houses, because Thais were used to living with wood, and wood creates an easy and convenient atmosphere for home-owners.

Carpets and curtains can also be chosen for special interior effects.

Curtains in bright colours like cream, green and ivory give a home a feeling of brightness and warmth, while natural carpets like Java weed or those of a brownish hue will make a home quiet.

However, if red, pink or green carpets are chosen, these colours will lend a feeling of freshness, Chaiyuth said.

At the Ladawan house project on Ratchaphruek Road, Chaiyuth selected brightly coloured curtains and natural carpets, because his customers were under 40 years of age and wanted their home to offer a warm welcome and while being quiet at the same time.

"When you decorate your home, you must know which colours and styles you want to live with. You also need to think about your lifestyle, because your home will reflect your life," Chaiyuth said.