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Creating a home garden

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Creating a home garden

Making a small garden behind or beside your house can provide a relaxing area, as well a respite from the heat this hot season.

The website explains how to create and decorate your home garden to make a small patch of paradise at home.

The first step is to survey your garden and take note of which trees are biggest and most untidy. These should be trimmed to provide more space, allow more light into the garden and minimise leaf litter.

Then you can create a relaxing area in one corner of the garden by setting up a garden chair with an umbrella for shade, perhaps close to your biggest tree.

Then clean up the rest of the garden and maybe place some rocks to form a path, so that caring for the trees is easier.

Add a spot or two of colour by erecting a birdhouse and a garden gnome made of ceramic or stone.

Attract the birds with a few daily scraps of rice, and your home garden will provide a fresh-air haven throughout this hot season.