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Decorating details: candlelight

Miranda Watchorn Homes & Gardens Magazine
Decorating details: candlelight

Ornamental votives, sconces, hurricane lanterns and candelabra suffuse dark, wintry nights with a flickering, warm light

Picture one: burning bright
A candelabra in burnished gold creates an eye-catching centrepiece that exudes a warm, welcoming glow.

Curly Oak Leaf chandelier, H70 x W60 cm, Bella Figura. Armchair, H78 x W75 x D83 cm; covered in Tropical Flower P4565 in 06-26, cotton mix, 140 cm wide; both Chase Erwin. Table, H53 x diameter 50 cm, Valerie Wade. Tealight holders, Price's Candles. Baby Herkimer candlesticks, Kelly Hoppen. Carafe; jug; cup; all Atelier.

Picture two: reflected glory
Candles in a variety of glass holders arranged on a cake stand, ensure a striking decorative display.

Large glass tazza, diameter 32·5 cm; small glass tazza, diameter 27·5 cm; red
cut-glass Lulu shot glasses, H7·5 x W5 cm; all William Yeoward. Mabel glass tealight holders, diameter 6 cm, Habitat.

Picture three: bright baubles
Mirrors and coloured glass bounce candlelight around a room, intensifying its shimmering effect.
Louis table, H0·75 x L2 x W1 m, John Reeves at Heal's. Plates, Robert Dawson for Wedgwood at Designers Guild. Bowls, Jasper Conran for Wedgwood at The Conran Shop. Tumblers, Nina Campbell. Calmy wine glasses, Designers Guild. Jug; stirrers, from 45 cm; all Atelier. Pink Spirit balls, on table; pink hanging baubles; all Roast Designs. Hanging tealight holders, diameter 9 cm; black candles and integrated wax candlesticks; all The Conran Shop. Ribbons, V V Rouleaux. Mirror, 1 m sq; silvery candlesticks; all Marston & Langinger. Votive holders, on mantelpiece, Price's Candles. Paint on walls, Marble V, flat emulsion, Paint & Paper Library.

Picture four: modern romance
Arranging identical tapering candles on a reflective surface with minimal decoration lends a contemporary feel.

Candles, The Conran Shop. Pink decorations, L25 cm, V V Rouleaux. Magnolia sconce, H55 x W38 cm, The Lighting Agency. Madison three-seater sofa, H73x W248 x D87 cm, Michael Reeves at Osborne & Little. Cushions, William Yeoward. Table, W110 x H45 x D65 cm, Julian Chichester.

• Before lighting a candle, trim the wick to 5 mm. Long or crooked wicks can cause uneven burning and dripping, as can wicks that are spindly; to avoid, buy good-quality candles that have wider wicks.
• Leave at least one metre between a candle and the surface above it.
• Always place candles on a heat-resistant surface. Tealights can become hot enough to melt plastic.
• Try to keep candles away from draughts as they can cause uneven burning of the wax.
• Always burn candles in a well-ventilated room and never leave burning candles unattended.
• Smouldering candles can start a fire, so double-check they have been extinguished properly.
• Refrigerating candles before use will help them to last longer and keep the fragrance of scented candles fresh.
• Put scented candles in a glass or metal holder; they have to turn to liquid to release their fragrance



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