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Family Bath Ideas

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Family Bath Ideas

The busiest room in the house demands simple solutions, sturdy materials— and an inspired flash of color. A few of our editors' favorite new (and old) ways to make a family bath a happy and efficient place.

Brush Up the Bath

Our starting point was this insanely functional bath that accommodates a family or even a few families vacationing together. But the principles behind this plein air paradise can be applied almost anywhere.

By Kate Auletta
Russell & Mackenna Vanity

Russell & Mackenna's sinks are sure to make any bathroom perky. For an added bonus, let your kids pick the colors.

Made-to-order maple vanity (shown here in the extra-large size; also available in 4 additional sizes), available in 36 colors, $3280. 866-366-3505

By Kate Auletta Photographed by John Lawton
Hands-Free Faucet
Forgetful children—and whose children aren't?—will never leave the water running with this sensor-activated model.

Axiom Eco-Power self-generating sensor faucet, $1,153. Toto.

By Kate Auletta Photographed by John Lawton
Sleek Tumbler

Instead of using a fragile glass cup, try a plastic one, like this one from Kohler that comes with a modern, chic holder.

Brass Purist tumbler, starting at $124, Kohler.

By Kate Auletta Photographed by John Lawton
Extension Mirror

An extension mirror saves wall space in your bathroom, and makes it easier for two to share the sink.

Non-corrosive brass Campaign Extension Mirror (extends 23" from wall), $249. Restoration Hardware.

By Kate Auletta Photographed by John Lawton
Step-Up Stool

Make washing up a fun activity with these adorable and sturdy footstep stools. Parents will like the safe foot grips. Kids will like the secret compartment under the lid for bath toys and other treasures.

$32, Garnet Hill.

By Kate Auletta
Towel Tub

Stash colorful towels in a basic tub.

20-inch round galvanized tub, $19.99, The Container Store.

Cotton Lauren Classic towel, $18, Ralph Lauren.

Cotton Nimikko (striped) and Unikko (floral) towels, $32 each, Marimekko.

Organic cotton red-striped towel, $55. ABC Carpet & Home. 212-473-3000.

By Kate Auletta Photographed by John Lawton
Keep laundry mess to a minimum with these chic rattan hampers.

At left: Laura linen basket, available in 25 colors, $443,; at right: handmade large hamper, $140,

By Kate Auletta Photographed by John Lawton
Rubber Duckies

Let your children play safely in the bath with these non-toxic, phthalate-free rubber duckies.

Available in 3 additional patterns, $11 each, Giggle.

By Kate Auletta Photographed by John Lawton


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