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Sicilian Cafe by Italian Architects

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Sicilian Cafe by Italian Architects

Italian architects Francesco Moncada and Massimo Tepedino designed the interior for the Coso Café in Palermo.

The bar is located in the ground floor of a XIX century building. It is formed by three spaces connected to each other and all with direct access from the street.

1. This space contains the bar and a metallic structure with hanging lamps and a bookcase for bottles. A moving bench in front of the bar is placed under a fluorescent lamp.

2. Benches and tables are made by metallic frames which are embedded in the wall.

3. The last room includes a wooden stair that is designed for visitors that want to sit in a random order.

Coso Café is a space where people have drinks and communicate and interact with everyone. The Coso Café is designed in collaboration with Ornella Gasbarro.

Photos Alberto Moncada