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Jump-start Your Career With Feng Shui

Karen Rauch Carter iVillage
Jump-start Your Career With Feng Shui

If there's a part of your life where you feel like a fish swimming upstream, then perhaps the career area of your home needs a makeover. This part of the home corresponds to feeling as if you are in the flow of life, as opposed to fighting the current. If your work is taking its toll, or you feel like you are wasting your time, some revisions to this part of your can offer some help.

Things to ADD:

Water: Water is the career element. If you've got one of those little table fountains, here's the best zone for it in the home.

Black: Black is the color of water in feng shui. Placing almost anything black here will help.

Mirrors: Mirrors equal water in feng shui, so feel free to load the career zone with them.

Good career symbols: If you have a dream about becoming a Hawaiian hula dancer and you are spending most of your waking hours jumping from one meaningless job to another, then a good idea would be to place a picture of a hula dancer up in the career area. I've seen this cure work firsthand. One of my clients hung a photo of a woman hula dancing on the beach in her career gua because she wanted the ocean in the photo to help boost her career. Next thing you know she is getting requests for hula dancing from local groups. One day she noticed the hula dancer in the picture of her "water cure" and figured that because she intended for that picture to be her career enhancer, she got not only the water but the dancer vibes too.

Glass: The fluidity of glass in the making is a great representation of water. Feel free to enhance your career energies by placing glass vases, shelves and bowls in this place.

Things to REMOVE:

Earth: Dirt or anything that has soil involved will murk up a career just about as fast as anything. Check for ceramic materials in the area, too, because they are earthen in their element.

Yellow: Yellow and earth-toned colors are too earthy for this water area of the home.

Squares: Squares are earth in feng shui, and so is flat stuff. Counterbalance tables, shelves and flat counters by placing objects with undulating forms on them, such as the glass objects mentioned above.

One final word is to clean, dust, paint and maintain your front door. Make sure there is nothing blocking the door. I see a lot of people who have double doors with a big pot or something in front of the non-opening door. I say, "It's like having half your mouth covered when trying to eat."



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