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Increase Your Prosperity With Feng Shui

Karen Rauch Carter iVillage
Increase Your Prosperity With Feng Shui

Prosperity refers to more than just money; it's about feeling as if you have it all. It is about having faith that you are always somehow taken care of and never in lack. If you need help in this sector:

To find the prosperity section of your space, go to the back left-hand one-ninth of your home or room and take a quick inventory.

Do you see anything right away that would make you laugh and say, "Oh, that's why I'm always struggling for prosperity?" If you do, then remove that very thing and you will be instantly heading in a new direction towards more prosperity. Here are some possibilities of prosperity ch'i zappers.


Things to REMOVE:

Clutter: Get rid of it, especially if it is blocking access to furniture or a door or is collecting dust because it has been there so long.

Leaks and peeling paint: If the ceiling is leaky and peeling away, so is your money.

Toilets: Toilets pull energy down and away. Since you can't really move your toilet if it falls in your prosperity gua, be sure to keep the lid down as much as possible.

Kitty litter boxes: "Animal toilets" don't have the downward and away pull of energy, but they do have the same negative association as toilets -- especially if they smell bad.

Broken stuff: If it's broke, you probably are too.

Dead or withering plants: Anything obviously decomposing is not holding the energy you want in this area.

Trash can: Like the toilet, this item can take away vital energy from you.

Improper prosperity symbols: Art that depicts items in a withering or decomposing state (old rusty chairs, sad or poor people) or reminders of your college days when you were flat broke should not be displayed here.

Things to ADD:

What you want to have in this part of your home are reminders of prosperity and items that actually have the vibrational characteristics that align with personal abundance:

Purple, red and green: These three colors support prosperity energy in a space. A chunk of amethyst or "greenbacks" can have special meaning if placed in the prosperity area of your home.

Symbols of wealth: Actual money, gold or stock certificates all play well in this corner of the house.

Jewels: I've seen a "treasure chest" created out of a little jewelry box overflowing with costume jewelry that I thought held quite a bit of prosperity power.

Symbols of "having it all": Pictures of the kids or pets if they make you feel like you have it all work well here. Collages or photos of items that you would like to have do as well -- just place them here and pretend that you have placed your order for them. When the order is up, you will receive them. Just remember ... be careful what you wish for!

Healthy plants: Grow money in your accounts by growing a plant here.

Moving water: Get money moving by creating a flow in this zone.



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