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Improve the Way Others See You With Feng Shui

Karen Rauch Carter iVillage
Improve the Way Others See You With Feng Shui

R-E-S-P-E-C-T -- find out what it means to you! The fame and reputation area of your home is the perfect place to start cultivating others' respect.

After all, if you have respect, a good reputation usually follows. This area of the home is also about courage -- as in having the courage to start something new or to change. Making improvements to this area can also literally make you famous if that is what you want.

So, where do you start? In the center back area of your home or room -- opposite the wall of the front door. For more help locating your fame and reputation area, refer to our detailed bagua (the road map of your home according to feng shui).

Get fired up to work on the fame and reputation part of your home because fire is the element associated with this area! What else goes here?


Things to ADD:

The Color Red: Just about anything red will help bring that fiery energy you need to enhance your reputation.

Real Fire: If you are wondering where to place that candle you just bought, put it here! If you've got a fire place in the center back part of your home, then you've already got a great start -- just add intention, and voila!

Fake Fire: Don't like the real thing? Then add the electrical alternative -- light. A night light, flash light, spot light or a lamp.

Electrically Powered Objects: Electricity is today's fire. Anything powered by electricity can be used to "juice up" fame and reputation.

Pointy or Triangular Objects: By merely adding something shaped like a flame, you will have added the proper movement of energy to this space. This is also probably the only spot that a cactus is appropriate indoors.

Sun and Stars: Want to be a star? Place stars in this area. The goal is to be lit up in the spotlight when someone is looking for you, whether it's for a new job, a date or to be the next big movie star.

Famous People: Place a picture of a famous person here -- especially if it is someone that you totally respect -- and you'll most likely enjoy the results.


Things to REMOVE:

Water: Push the 80-gallon fish tank away from this place! Water tends to drown out the fire energy.

Black Colored Stuff: Black and other dark colors compromise red here like darkness compromises the day. You want bright and light, not dark and night.

Symbols of Poor or Bad Reputation: Here's an example: the car dealer that you are negotiating with has his office decorated with a huge picture of a weasel right behind him, a poster of big snake eating a bunch of little bunnies, and a stuffed shark hanging over the door. Be sure you get rid of anything that represents an unappealing character trait.



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