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Develop a Better Relationship With Family & Heal the Past With Feng Shui

Karen Rauch Carter iVillage
Develop a Better Relationship With Family & Heal the Past With Feng Shui

There's a part of the home that holds the energy of all of your past, including but not limited to your relationship to your family. It is the energetic foundation that you build your life upon. Some people have strong and healthy foundations, some have cracked and crumbling ones.

Once you walk in the front door, go to the center left-hand area of your home or room -- you have found the family zone. Study the items you have here and see how they describe the way you are in relationships with family members or how comfortable you are in creating a prosperous life. This area actually controls your level of abundance, because if you believe you don't deserve abundance or love due to your past, it will show up that way in those parts of your life.

For more help locating your family area, refer to our detailed bagua (the road map of your home according to feng shui).


Things to ADD:

Wood: Wood helps create strength for your foundation. It exudes the expansive energy pattern that works so well here. Furniture, picture frames, books, paneling, and real wood on tree-like plants all contribute to this section of the home. I like using a real tree here because it has real wood on it and symbolizes a "family tree" to me. Just make sure it remains healthy and happy, as you want your family memories to be!

The Colors Green and Black: The color green holds the vibration of the wood energy so feel free to load it up here. I have a green throw on my couch to help add the wood element to my family room. The color black can also be helpful because of the unique way it helps nurture wood.

Plants: A live plant can enliven just about any place with its actual ch'i, and if you use it in this particular portion of the home, you are adding live wood energy which is most awesome!

Things to REMOVE:

Metal: Just like an ax chops wood, having metal in this space can harm the wood of your foundation. Keep metal to a minimum here, or else have more wood than the metal can chop.

White Stuff: This is no place for the white, metal washer and dryer for example. White walls should be balanced out as well. Add more black and green if you have either of these here.

Rounded Shapes: The best shape to have in this space is columnar "tree trunk-like" shapes, not round ones. Lose the collection of white plates from this area to help grow your wood. Remember, add your healing intention to your stuff, and you will rev up the energy even more. It is amazing how much a single picture of the entire family within one wooden frame can help support family ties in this "family zone" of the home. And just as amazing, when I see clients who have not one picture of people in their homes, let alone pictures of family members, they are always in poor relations with their family and feel like they are not a part of any group. When they remedy this area with pictures of people (sometimes not even blood relatives), they always have big shifts in finally feeling like they belong.


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