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Good Quotes: Katharine Weber

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Good Quotes: Katharine Weber

We'd love to visit the apartment from her novel, The Little Women... "Long before feng shui was something people in New York had ever heard of, the Greens' apartment had good feng shui.

There was nothing immediately special about the furniture or the way the rooms were arranged. There was just some indescribable essence of rightness in those rooms - the way sunlight fell generously through the windows at all hours onto the geometrically patterned hooked rugs that were scattered over the plain wood floors all through the apartment; the way ordinary museum posters looked especially rich and meaningful when framed and hung in oddly low spots on the walls (they were low so the children could see them from the floor when they were small); the way the front hall door clicked shut, just so; the way any music sounded marvelous when played on their crazy mess of stereo equipment, which featured old KLH speakers that Lou had in college."

Photo: Richard Avedon's apartment by Andrew Moore via New York Magazine.


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