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How To Turn a Closet into an Office

DIY Maven Curbly
How To Turn a Closet into an Office - Office

Got a closet? Need a home office? No worries. With some advice from Country Living you can transform a closet--like the one pictured above--into a home office--like the one pictured below.

Advice from the pros:

  • Your new desk can be nothing more than a couple of standard filing cabinets (shot with Krylon) with wheeled stands attached to their bottoms for easy moving. 
  • The desk's top? A chunk of melamine.
  • When decorating, treat the inside of the closet like you would a room. In this case with wallpaper and paint.
  • Skip bracketed shelves and opt for floating shelves for a less-cluttered look.
  • Make use of every inch of space with peg and cork boards.


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