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10 Ways to Achieve a Gender Neutral Kid’s Room

10 Ways to Achieve a Gender Neutral Kid’s Room - Kid’s Room

It seems that the traditional pink and blue rooms for kid’s rooms will always be traditional, but gender neutral rooms are increasing in popularity. Whether it’s because decorative colors don’t have to be gender biased, or more children are sharing rooms with their siblings, gender neutral rooms can be appealing to all. Rooms that have colors that appeal to both genders also increases individuality and will create rooms that kids love. Check out these 10 ways to make your kid’s room gender neutral and look great for years to come!

1.) Create a theme: Themes don’t have to be limited to cars and flowers.  Gender neutral themes can range from animals to musical instruments! Teach your children early about shapes, colors and numbers with gender neutral themes.

2.) Choose furniture for the future: When buying nursery furniture, buy furniture in natural woods, white, or black to use for future siblings! We often buy furniture that is only for one child.  Gender neutral finishes will be more versatile for the future.

3.) Gender neutral colors are beautiful: Whether you choose the pastel side of the color spectrum: sage greens, butter yellows, and tans or the saturated side with espresso browns, reds, and gold.  Gender neutral rooms can have colors that compliment or contrast each other.  Add neutral trim colors to bring the room together effortlessly.

10 Ways to Achieve a Gender Neutral Kid’s Room - Kid’s Room

4.) Furniture styles can be versatile: Avoid furniture that has a lot of ornamentation and adornment. Furniture with script detailing and complicated woodworking can be perceived as being favored to one gender or the other. Instead consider modern clean lines that will suit both genders.

10 Ways to Achieve a Gender Neutral Kid’s Room - Kid’s Room

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