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How to Create a Functional Closet Home Office

How to Create a Functional Closet Home Office - Closet - Home Office

If you are trying to determine how to bring a home office into your space, and there just isn’t enough free wall space to do it, converting a closet into one, may be your best solution. Many closets are not used nearly to their best potential, and by converting one into a home office could solve your space issue and help you stay organized and functional in your office. If you’re considering transforming that poorly used hall closet into a worthwhile office space, here are tips to help you.

  • Determine what functions are necessities: When creating a home office in a closet, remember it will take a degree of pairing down from large amounts of storage, clutter and stuff! Since closet offices are generally small in nature, determine what elements of your home office are essential and which ones are for pure decoration and those that take up space. Stream line and organize files, and office equipment into storage containers, file cabinets and stylish desk and shelf organizers.
  • Make your office inspiring: Just because you are converting an existing closet doesn’t mean it has to look like a closet. Before you build your work surface inside your closet, opt for painting the inside walls an inspiring color or plan to use colorful photos and personal touches to bring the walls alive. Many craft and office supply stores have coordinating desk accessories, bulletin and maker boards and wall organizers to bring a personal style to your closet home office. Consider using fabric or colorful window treatments as a way to close off your office closet, if you prefer instead of doors.

  • Accentuate the positives: While it may seem you are compromising to have a closet office, think of all the positives you can accentuate in your office. A smaller space means less to organize, which in turn may help you keep your desk and work area cleaner. Easy accessibility to your closet home office may mean less time wasting time in a large unproductive room, and more time for you to get right into your tasks at hand.  One of the biggest positives? You can still keep all of your other rooms in your house looking great, without having to takeover the kitchen table with all of your work related activities!


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