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Feng Shui Home Office Brings You Good Luck

Feng Shui Home Office Brings You Good Luck - Feng Shui - Office

Feng Shui is very important, as it affects health, happiness and especially success. Those working at home should apply the following Feng Shui tips to improve their home office and attract positive energy (the "chi" element).

During work hours, you should sit inside the room and face the door, so you will know what really happen all the working time. Facing with your back to the door creates negative energy and you will be continuously wondering what is going on behind you. It is advantegous if you keep some flowers or plants at your workplace, which enhances creativity and makes you feel more comfortable. However, you should avoid sharp plants like cactus.

Feng Shui Home Office for Luck - Feng Shui - Office

De-clutter. Clutter inhibits the flow of positive energy, and prevents negative energy from leaving the office. As much possible, conceal the cords of your electronic devices, because they add to clutter as well. Arrange home office furniture in a harmonious manner, which allows energy to run smoothly in space. Your business will run smoothly too.

Feng Shui Home Office Brings You Good Luck - Office - Feng Shui

Place your computer and clock in the wealth corner (e.g. southeast corner), which is believed to increase business success.

Feng Shui Home Office Brings You Good Luck - Office - Feng Shui

Never place a clock to the entrance door, otherwise the chi entering the room will strike the residents and cause many annoying obstacles to their business.

Feng Shui Home Office Brings You Good Luck - Office - Feng Shui

Avoid mirrors. They can reflect negative energy back at you, and draw your clients' attention away from you and business. Also avoid placing objects emitting heat (printers, computers, faxes, phones...) near the entrance door, which would result in your business starting out hot and cooling down quickly.


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