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Design Trends

Get Into Summer Mood with Awesome Mantel Decors

Summer is totally here, so have you decorated your home to welcome its coming, yet? Adorned with sea glass, starfish, shells, driftwood, colorful buntings, plants, flowers, photo frames, fruits and green grass, here are a series of awesome mantel ...

Inspiring Home Decors in Contemporary Style

If you love a house with fully furnished interiors and inspiring décor ideas, the following home decors in contemporary style would be cool idas to glam up your living area.

Trendy Decor: Large Scale Wall Art Ideas

Extra large paintings are so expensive but a statement art print becomes popular and trendy that has the power to uplift your home decor. The following awesome large scale wall art ideas will give you totally inspirations. Have a look!

Top 10 Favorite Furniture Trends in 2014

Furniture is one of essential things in every home which can gives comfort & cozy touches to connect all people and add more stunning styles to home looks. And the most favorite trends nowadays are to focus on the minimalist but comfort, simple ye...

Trend Alert: Calming Indigo Home Decor Ideas

Indigo is an awesome colour that can match with almost any style, from minimalist to glam. Indigo is also the colour of peace, charm and tranquility, so that is why it's widely used in interior design as it can calm mind and help with more relaxat...

4 Fabulous Interior Design Trends You Should Not Miss

Boring with your current home decor? Take a look at four fabulous interior design trends to try today and get inspired in which to brighten up your entire rooms during this summer season long.

New Decor Trend: Stylish Ottomans As Coffee Tables

In stead of using as an extra seating, you can also use ottoman as the coffee table in order to create a very special atmosphere. Check out these stylish ottomans as coffee tables and get inspired.

Marvelous and Glamorous Turquoise Themed Interior Designs

Interior design made with turquoise tones looks so royal, chic and has the power to make your home more glamorous, eye-catching and alluring. For those of you, who love this fabulous shade, then you can check out the following marvelous turquoise ...

Fabulous Interior Designs in Pastel Pink

Maintaining fabulous pastel pink color throughout the interior decor not only make your home looks very elegant, lovely and attractive, but can also create a soothing, romantic space. If you are thinking how to freshen up your home with this sprin...

Exquisite Decor Ideas Inspired by Asian Influence

An exquisite interior design inspired by Asian influence, filled with elegant silhouettes and holds style in its simplicity and accent hues will help you to create a relaxing, comfortable and calming space. Are you ready to decorate your own home ...

Hottest Spring Decor Trends for Fabulous Makeover

Are you ready to give your entire home a fabulous makeover this spring season? Here are some hottest and refreshing spring decor ideas will inspire you and surely bring the season's spirit too your home. Enjoy!

Chic White Rustic Decor for Spring

If you are a fan of rustic shabby chic decorations, these amazing white rustic DIY decor will be an ideal choice. Painting in white the old coat hanger, put white flowers in it, use white bird cage, or decorating white vintage stuff in your baseme...

2014's Top 11 Fresh and Inspiring Bedroom Trends

What's the hottest trends in decorating bedroom this year? Below are top 11 fresh bedroom trends in 2014 that will inspire you and also help you to create a very statement and warm homely inviting atmosphere in your private room.

Most Amazing Bathroom Design Trends in 2014

Here are some of the most gorgeous bathroom design ideas that would be hottest trends in 2014. Check them out now and get the inspiration for refreshing your leisure space.

Eye-catching and Statement Ombre Effect in Interior Decor

Ombre is based on a color change from dark to light tones or from one shade to another, so that is why this technique is becoming popular and favorite in interior decor. Ombre in wall decoration, ombre in window decoration, linens with ombre effec...

2014's Top 18 Fresh Interior Design Trends

Take a look at top 18 fresh interior design trends, which will be popular in 2014 and surely make your home look more statement and fantastic. Enjoy!

Trend Alert: Stunning Wallpapers Featured on Ceiling

Ceilings are hard to decorate, so the ceilings seems always get neglected, and most of ceilings are white or plain. But, if you add an unexpected touch to a ceiling with wallpaper, it could be a great way to give your space a decorative effect, ey...

Top 5 Hot Paint Colors for 2014

Let's see top 5 cool and hottest paint colors for 2014 in order to get ideas to plan a very eye-catching and stunning makeover for your living room, bedroom or bathroom this year. Enjoy!

Spring 2014 Trends for Home Decor

Ranging from lazy hues to funky accents, here are some of the best Spring 2014 trends that will give you totally ideas on how to redecorate your home in stylish and statement way this season. Enjoy!

New Trend: Super Practical and Cool Indoor-Outdoor Serving Bar Ideas

It's better if you have an indoor-outdoor serving bar in your own living space. It can connect your kitchen with the outdoor space or can be used for informal dining room, and this idea will make your life more comfortable and much easier. Would y...

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