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Fabulous Design Ideas for Entertainment Rooms

Entertainment room is a new concept but very friendly to the contemporary home. Today, CASAdesign Interiores presents their most innovative music room designs in the house located in Brazil. The neutral tones of the furniture are mixed with pops o...

Setai - A Luxury Oceanfront Resort in Miami

Located on a tropical beach with full of sun and wind like Miami, the Setai Reosrt heritages all strong points there and is the best destination for couples and the olds. With the luxury designs and open space, you'll have an unforgetable holiday ...

Most Luxury Residences with Stunning Riverfront View

Gold Caost is a beautiful sea city in Australia, with many spectacular views. There are lots of luxury residences with the most stunning views by the sea here. Owing a charming house there with standard interior designs and gorgeous views to the s...

Artificial Clouds Olympics - An Dramatic Architecture

Asado Architecture Studio has joined Aerostatic Architecture Competition this year by their amazing and dramatic architecture, named Artificial Clouds Olympics. Taken inspiration from the clouds on the sky, this has a cool look with various function.

Creative structure with lollipop house

With the inspiration from children cartoon, this house give you more feeling with the unlimited creative structure.

Breathtaking in Modern Home with Stunning Views on Hollywood Hills

This wonderful residen named Hopen Place has featured by Whipple Russel Architects on 4,000 sq-ft. Located on the Hollywood Hills, this house has a panoramic view to the whole Calif. The house has a very beautiful outdoor pool with harmonious exte...

Sophiscated & Innovative Ceiling Fans

Some designs look rather unusual and others are really amazing. Let's your home more stylish and fashionable with these cool ceiling fans. It's more comfortable and also better for your family's health than anair-con, and one more important thing ...

Ptis & Sunken Sitting Areas : An Unique Contemporary Home Designs

These creative designs are a very lovely and comfortable place for you. They're called pits & sunken sitting area, with the aimbition to create a quite different space for everybody with a intimate atmosphere to chat chit with friend or enjoy a cu...

Dynamic Feeling in Beautiful Condominium Interior Design, Greenwich

This beautiful condominium located in 34 Bruce Park Ave, Greenwich. Being a condominium so it has some benefits like the modern architect, dynamic ideas plus the advanced interior decoration. Take a look on their successful project and decide shou...

Luxurious Traditional Stylish Pimalai Resort & Spa in Thailand

This luxury 5-star resort Pimalai located nearby the beach in Thailand. The architecture here expresses right the traditional ones in Thailand, with a hundred acres of tropical vegetation with direct access to a 900 meter stretch of pristine sandy...

Neoclassical-Style Apartment in San Francisco

Today, we showcase you a semi-classical interior design style in San Francisco apartment. The interior design firm has combined harmony between classic decoration with modern furniture in some ways.

Inspirational Window Seats for Home More Comfortable

If you need some space in your home for laying down and reading a book but still have no idea, a window seats are best idea for that. With some idea in your mind and some pillows, you can feature them from a normal into a cozy, unique and comforta...

Most Amazing Architectural Projects in 2012

Architectural Digest magazine has showcased a list of the most breathtaking and amazing buildings around the world, which will be hot topics among architects throughout the next year. What's even more interesting is that several of these unique de...

Unusual Green Skyscraper in China

Breaking all traditional architectural rules with its floors placed a little off the centre and featuring full length glass windows, this urban forest-like skyscraper, modeled by MAD architects will be located in Chonquing, China.

A nice example of a fresh and stylish minimalist space

You're looking for ideas to renovate your home with limited space? This fantastic and stylish minimalist design called Quotel for the clients in Poznan, Poland would amaze you. It has great place-saving solutions. Check it out!

East Hotel in Hong Kong by CL3

The East hotel in Hong Kong was designed by CL3, a business hotel located in a residential/commercial neighbourhood, takes a different look at hotel design by planning from the inside-out. It is simply a wonderful design worth looking at, perhaps ...

Nouvel’s Lighting Scheme in the Louvre Abu Dhabi

Amidst a traditionally-inspired dome ceiling for the newly-designed renderings for the “Louvre Abu Dhabi” in the United Arab Emirates are thousands of little breaks, edges and holes that allow for a flurry of warm and charming sun light to slice i...

Zero House by Scott Specht

Designed by Scott Specht studio architecture Spect Harpman Architects, the “Zero House” is a prefabricated house of 200 square meters totally autonomous and environmentally friendly.

Metal Shutter Houses

Deidre Woollard Luxist
Metal Shutter Houses

The Metal Shutter Houses in the West Chelsea of New York City take a look usually seen when storefronts close down for the evening and roll down metal garage-door-like shutters and makes it high end. The nine-unit condo project designed by Japan's...

Zero House by Scott Specht

Collin Dunn TreeHugger
Zero House by Scott Specht

Vaporware prefabs that never get past the rendering stage are as common as rotting FEMA specials these days, and don't get the exposure they used to when modern prefab was finding its legs a couple of years ago. Then there are some that are so com...

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