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Awesome Bedroom Ideas that Will Steal Your Heart

The following bedrooms with unique and amazing decorating ideas will steal all eye-catching. Maybe some of them are unsual, some are hard to make them come true, but all are so wonderful and fabulous. The mixing between super modern furniture plus...

The Sparkling Hill Resort & Wellness Hotel

Spreading over 188-acre on the mountaintop, the Sparkling Hill Resort and Wellness Hotel provides the hi-end destination inspired from the European-style for luxury people. This owns the incredible structure covering by large glass that can give t...

Osros Floating Island: Where The High-End Life Begins

The Osros floating island inspired by the awesome ideas by an Austrian company, contains 6 luxury BRs in 2 levels that are enough space for 12 residents and 4 staff. The top floor provides the public space with many luxury functional places for pe...

The Typical Asian Villa

This luxury villa with traditional interior decorating is the most typical and popular style in Asia. Spreading just only on 300 square meters but the villa also contains a large garden, a swimming pool and ornamental plants for the serene life.

Futuristic Building in Tianji, China

Inspired from the honeycomb shape, this building is always full of natural light and air. Building is named Sinosteel International Plaza (SIP), located in Tianjin – the third largest city in mainland China. The most amazing in its structure is th...

Elegant with luxury design in and out in Sydney

This contemporary entertaining dream oasis offers tranquillity and privacy that everybody wants. It features stunning interiors and magical outdoor areas. With the design absolutely white, this beutiful and modern house will change your mind about...

White Pearl Chalet by Philippe Capezzone

Located between the village of Val d’Isère and the Funival funicular in La Daille, in the French Alps. This place is a rustic house full of peace and relaxation; the interior is very calm due to the colors chosen – pearl grey, beige, white, and wi...

Charming & Amazing Restaurant Garden Designs

Restaurant Garden Design with the feel cold and comfortable, surrounded by green grass and shady trees will be the most favorite choice among dynamic city life. Enjoying the meals with friendsand family among green and natural garden can give you ...

'Tetra Shed' - An Impressive Construction for Home Office

‘Tetra Shed’ is inspired by the growing need to accommodate the desires of more and more people wanting to establish a home office. Let come and enjoy 'Tetra Shed', place where you can live and work creatively.

Beautiful Dalene Cabin on Norwegian Island

This beautiful cabin designed by Tommie Wilhelmsen offers privacy with the best view of the sea thanks to its secluded location. Located on the island of Rennesøy of Norwegian, the cabin brings you to the natural with perfect view of the blue waters.

Roll House with Futuristic Concept in CA

Inspiring from the futuristic trends, Christopher Daniel of ViolentVolumes has featured this Roll House mixing from unique architecture and minimalisim interior designs. The white theme bring the super fresh and stylish looks for this 2 storeys ho...

Incredible Futuristic Architectures

Check out these futuristic architectures and update to your knowledge about the development of architecture trends. These futuristic house construction pictures can enrich your insight about modern building architectural design.

Palm residence in California

Designed by Los Angeles-based studio Marmol Radziner, this house is located in an Venice, California, USA will give you warm feeling.

Cool Feeling in Australian Glass House

Inspried from the ideas of an minimalist home with an impressive look and exotic fellings, Maria Gigney Architects has created this stunning home. Minimalist design features of glass and steel blend with Jarrah timber accents in this exceptional w...

Hong Kong-Shenzhen boundary control point: An Interesting Architecture

Hong Kong & Shenzhen has teamed up for a globalization plan, and WAU Design is responsible for this important project. Hong Kong-Shenzhen is a symbil of close communication. This scheme, a twisted link, indicates multi-level and deep cooperation b...

Take the Freeze with Blue Interior Decorating Ideas

When you need something new and fresher for your home, you'd think of blue. This hue can bring your home the relaxing and soothing effects with nothing else can. Depending on the home styles, you can choose various levels of blue to add more comfo...

Beautiful house in India with the Minimalist style

Built for a family of three people near the city of Vadodara in India, this house has simple clean lines, laconic geometry and transparent space, where the Interior and exterior merge and flow into each other.

Fantastic Outdoor Room Ideas from Jamie Durie

When you feel that the indoor space become boring and boring, and you want to find something special, unuaual and even more unique for your home, you should ask Jamie Durie. Beautiful outdoor design by Jamie Durie accidentally change the normal at...

Most Fabulous Pool Inspirations You Shouldn't Miss

If you are finding something special for your outdoor, I suggest you put a pool outside for an exciting summer and sunnyday. Check out these selected fabulous and inspirational pool over thw world.

The Beautiful House Facing The Lake

This modern five thousand square feet home in Washington, has a very interesting design hat allows you to interact with the surrounding environment. You will love this kind of open plan house if you have chance to live in.

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