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Living Room

Mesmerizing Living Rooms with Maroon Wall

Maroon is viewed as an exciting, dramatic color and can make rooms feel statement and strong, so that is reason why this shade is so often used on ceilings. Give your living room a passionate warmth, homey and coziness with the following mesmerizi...

Modern Living Rooms with Stylish TV Built-in Media Wall

If you have not enough space to install a separate entertainment area, you can combine this spot in your living room. So the built-in wall TV not only give your family a relaxation but could be also the center of attention for boring living room. ...

Elegant Living Room Designs with Smart Storage Units

Wall mounted unit is very needed part of every modern, comfortable living room. With modular designs, soft tones and clean uncomplicated line, these living rooms look rather fresh and elegant with smart arrangement of favorite storage unit.

Stunningly Contemporary Living Rooms in Grey and Green

Living rooms in the combination of grey and green are always stand out and can bring the feeling of nature and freshness. Here are these stunningly contemporary grey and green living room designs that will please all the eyes at the first glance. ...

Inspiring Small Living Room Designs

These living room designs featured harmoniously with bright tones, contemporary furniture and lovely décor items and some with minimalist style would be source of inspiration to refresh the small and boring space with cozy, welcoming atmosphere.

Statement Living Room Designs in Minimalist Style

Minimalism is one of the most powerful style that is never out of trend to give stylish, luxurious looks to any living corner. Here is the small collection of minimalist living room designs that would style up your home and welcome all people with...

Trendy Living Room Designs for Modern Day Style

Many people and homeowners always want to keep their home decor and furniture up-to-date, so that is why they like to redecorate their home at least once a year. If you want your space to fit the modern day style, you should check out these specta...

Inspiring Modern Living Room Designs

Living room is the very first place welcoming guests and creating the cozy atmosphere in every house. Take a look at these modern, elegant living room designs and get inspiration for your home.

Modern, Sophisticated White & Grey Themed Living Room Designs

The combination of grey and white is really sophisticated that can transform any entire room into sleek and elegant space. Here are some modern white and gray living room design ideas that will surely attract you at the first glance.

Cool and Refined Gothic Themed Living Room Designs

Gothic living room may seem gloomy and boring to some people, but that's not true. A gothic themed living room can be colorful, bright and whimsy in case you pay attention to some wonderful details, such as use various colors from black, dark choc...

Outstanding and Vibrant Moroccan Living Room Designs [PHOTOS]

Kilim rugs, pillows, colorful textiles, natural medium-toned woods mixed with the red, rust and gold patterns, vibrant designs, lanterns, mirrors, bright walls are the most interesting parts of a Moroccan-designed living space, creating a very cha...

Dramatic and Elegant Dark Living Room Designs [PHOTOS]

If they match perfectly with bright yellow, gold, green and red, the dark colors like black, dark grey, dark beige and grey, chocolate brown can dress up any living room in very stylish, elegant, dramatic and relaxing way. Done in various style, ...

Cozy Living Room Designs with Elegant Touches

Here are some modern, elegant living room designs blending between soft tones, beautiful decorating ideas would ensure for the inviting, cozy atmosphere.

Beautiful Scandinavian Living Room Designs

The beautiful living room designs in Scandinavian style are so wonderful to get the inspiration for decorating your home with fresh, elegant and joyful atmosphere.

Beautiful Living Rooms with Traditional Coffered Ceiling

Coffered ceilings are comprised of sunken panels with some molding around it that can add an elegant and sophisticated touch to your overall space. If you are a fan of classic style, you should check out these beautiful traditional coffered ceilin...

Contemporary, Warm Living Room Designs by Candice Olson

These beautiful living room designs by Candice Olson are the joyful mix of contemporary interiors, elegant decors ensure for the luxurious looks with cozy touches.

Beautiful Living Room Designs

These living room designs balanced between modern interior designs with nice décor provide the elegant touches with relaxed atmosphere.

Modern Living Room Designs for Home's Coziness

Whether your home is small or large, these living room designs are always the great ideas to connect all family members with its coziness from the elegant decors & contemporary interior designs.

Christmas 2013 Decor Ideas: Dreamy Living Rooms [PHOTOS]

Living room is the central space of any house, so this room is the first place you should decorate first when Christmas comes. Coming in various colors and decor pieces, mantels, fireplace decorations, stunning Christmas trees and different decor ...

Elegant Living Room Designs in Minimalist Style

The minimalism is very hot at the moment because it always gives every corner the stylish, charming touch. And these living room designs below would be source of inspiration to update your home with inviting atmosphere and luxurious looks.

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