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Living Room

Living Rooms in Red and White

Red and white are the main colours of the Christmas theme. But how to decorate a living room with these 2 colours, while avoiding a festive look all year round? Check out these decoration ideas.

Photoshoots about Gorgerous Living Room Around the World

All beautiful photos below are photographed by William MacCollum, a professional and specializing in architectural photos. He's featured lots of photos of interiors, exteriors and abstracts in many super luxury homes that can admired by many people.

Welcoming living room designs

Here are a handful of living room styles that may inspire you when decorating your home. All the following designs are very welcoming, some are classical, whilst others are contemporary with a touch of quirkiness.

Beautiful Living Room Designs

Check out these chic but comfortable living room designs that are also family friendly.

Contemporary Living Room Designs From Zalf

Contemporary living, neutral shades and modern fixtures accentuate the theme of the room designs from Zalf to give you a comfortable living experience. With bare necessities strategically placed in the rooms, one can enjoy the benefits of easy liv...

Welcoming living room designs

How much consideration you put in decorating the living room can tell a lot about your personality, whether you are happy to receive guests and what host(ess) you are! Follow us to get some inspirations.

Classy Living Room Inspirations For You

Get inspired to create the perfect living room or family room design to fit your family's lifestyle. Below designs from Polish based design group Meedo and the other from Russian based designer Andrey Zyomko would amaze you with classy living room...

Living Room Designs From Huelsta

Looking for living room images and living room pictures? German furniture-design company Huelsta has thousands of living room decorating ideas whatever your decorating style. For your information, please visit

IKEA Living Room Design Ideas 2012

The catalogue can already be found online but we are going to show you some interesting ideas that could be found there separately. For example here are some living room design ideas for this year. They feature as old as new products, so probably ...

Modern Living Room Designs from

Your living room is one of the most lived-in rooms in your home. To make it the best it can be, we have pulled together inspiration and ideas from to give you some ideas to spice up and modernize your living room.

Beautiful Living Rooms Photographed by William MacCollum

William MacCollum is a professional cinematographer who also specializes in architectural photography.

East meets West in this living room.

Inspiration from the land of dragons and emperors! Today we are featuring some living room designs from Pinchen Design, a Chinese based designer whose rooms exude comfort and luxury. Using texture, pattern and colour the rooms have been designed w...

Blue and White Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Applying the combination of blue and white will create soothing, relaxing effects to the room. This kind of color arrangements always requires taking into account other items in the room such as the family photos hanging on the wall, the furniture...

The Petrie Sofa, Eight Ways

Apartment Therapy
The Petrie Sofa, Eight Ways

Okay, before we begin this post, we have to admit that we're (way too often) suckers for marketing and that Crate & Barrel's Petrie Sofa had a hold on us initially just because of the name. As fans of the Dick Van Dyke show, anything named after R...

Hot Fireplace Design Ideas

Caren Baginski HGTV
Hot Fireplace Design Ideas

These new design ideas can help create a custom fireplace or mantel in your home.

Decorating Ideas for a Living Room

Whether you call it a living room, family room, or den, this room is a place to unwind, recharge, and spend time with family and friends.

Modern Living Rooms from Tumidei

Modern furniture designs have always given the art-deco and the Victorian styles a tough fight. While the latter two represent aristocracy and high-end fashion, modern defines a trendy yet comfortable style quotient and are very progressive in nat...

Magic Indian Ideas For Living Room And Bedroom

India is always associated with its fragrance, sounds and colour. This country is something spiritual and even magic.

Living Rooms We Love

An Elegant Living Room

How you decorate your living room can say a lot about who you are. Do you want it to be formal or casual? Bright or neutral? Exotic or traditional? To inspire you, here are some of our favorite living rooms.

Fresh and modern living room

Clever use of colour and pattern brings this scheme together

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