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The Hottest Shower Designs

Bathroom could be a serene place where the worrier of the day melt away. Now we introduce to you a cool shower bathrom through variety of styles. A shower cabin or curtain or outside, which one would you like ?

Amazing In-Floor Bathtubs

In-floor bathtubs can offer a resort-like ambiance and a one of a kind feel. Check out these dramatic and extravagant in-floor bathtub designs that will make your bathroom a luxurious and relaxing spa-like space.

In-Floor Bathtub Sophisticated Designs

Guess what ? The amazing in- floor bathtub, it's look really simple but unique design. Here are some patterns could give you an open and airy atmosphere in the room.

8 Tech Gadgets To Turn Your Bathroom into an IBathroom

Like the others place in the house, bathroom also need high quality from decoration to facilities. Here are some tech gadgets, it's absolutely for those who love home-tech to turn your bathroom into an ibathroom.

Creative Bathtubs for Home More Luxurious

Bathtub is important part of bathroom in creating its style. Here are some stylish bathtubs that will add more elegant and luxurious look to bathrooms. From vintage to modern styles, they all will give you the most comfortable moment.

Bathrooms Tour

Here are collections of inspirational bathrooms that you will love and can't wait to try the most leisurely moment there. The advanced interior designs and sanitary ware mix up with the luxury decorating ideas make them special and amazing.

10 Cool Bathroom Tiles

These colorful wall and floor tiles will give your water blocks a fresh, clean and relaxing looks of the sea. Dare to experiment: show off your style and regain your spirits.

Cute Bathroom Ideas for Modern Home

Let make your bathroom funnier, colorful and more exciting with these modern sanitary ware. The mixing between various colors and modern decorating elements make your bathroom totally leisure with great & warming looks.

Decorate a Bathroom with Shades of Orange

This vibrant, juicy color can be that missing spark you are looking for in your home. However, the effect of this color for decorating your home could be very amazing. These bathrooms prove for that.

Eye-catching with Dramatic Bathroom Designs

Here are some beautiful and great design ideas are given on enhancing the decor of bathrooms and get the perfect inspiration for creating a dramatic and style bathroom design.

A Coastal Haven For Your Relaxing Bathroom

Refresh your bathroom with these relaxing ideas for coastal accents and colors inspired with beach style.

Chic Bathrooms on the World

Take a tour around some of the absolute beautiful and luxury bathrooms on the world for your inspiration.

The Eye-catching Mosaic Bathroom Designs

The bathroom mosaic design is effective way to add visual interest and texture. Here are some mosaic design ideas that bring the beauty and drama to your bathroom.

The Top Opulent & Subtle Bathroom

Absolutely stunning ! A designer has incentived the spacious space where you can relaxing after work. Some bathroom have panaromic view allow you enjoy fresh air or overlook mountain and sea.

Design Outdoor Bathrooms

Enjoy the nature with your washing time in outdoor bathrooms like below. An outdoor shower is very different from an indoor one. Get to feel the breeze and the fresh air outdoor with these kind of bathroom.

Ideas for Chic Maroccan Bathroom Style

A typical of Moroccan is bold and colorful, could give high impressive, unique and luxurious. Now we apply this in the bathroom, subtle about materials and architecture, featuring arched doorways and windows are painted bright colors.

The Luxurious and Beautiful Shower

Let's see the beautiful 'Loop Shower' from Granese Architecture and Design Studio with a fascinating lighting system that can be used both indoors and outdoors and give you the deep relaxation in this luxurious shower.

10 Ideas Funny Shower Curtains

Your shower time will be more fun with these curtains. Its make your bathroom lively even it just have tiny space or you want to change a look there.

Solutions for Tiny Bathroom

Not wrong when you think bathroom need a spacious place to relax but alright if you have a tiny space, still cozy, shine from natural light instead a window

Ways to Beautify Yourr Bathroom

Bathroom is a place where you can relax yourself and real calm after a long day. Here are some easy to use ways to beautify your bathroom.

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