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Nataure Inspired Lavish Bathrooms

This is the inspirational bathroom decor collection. These bathrooms are followed the minimalist styles to get the modern & fresh looks while the natural elements like wooden & stone materials give them the graceful moods.

Bathtubs for Small Bathrooms

Your home don't have many space for designing a large bathroom, that's the reason why you have to consider a small bathroom. However, choose the right things, you will have the modern bathroom as you want.

Eye-catching Black & White Bathrooms

Get ideas for decorating your bathroom in eye-catching, stylish and luxurious black & white theme that add a touch of classy and sophisticated to this relaxing space.

Modern Bangkok Apartment with Outdoor Shower

Architectkidd just renovated the Bangkok apartment and give it the new looks with outdoor shower that will be the awesome living experience to its owners. The shower has created from holey wood, the recycled materials that are friendly to the natu...

Bathroom with Decorating of Art

Different ways of decorating make your bathroom have different looking. Using art in bathroom decoration are also really best among many ideas. There are many ways of using art in bathroom decor. From painted artworks to small figurines and sculpt...

Bathroom Designs With A Touch Of Nature

Bathroom is the best place to restore energy and relax after working hours. Get fresh inspiration in these stunning bathrooms with a natural concept that will bring a relaxing outdoor atmosphere and mother nature into your private oasis.

Bathroom Design Touch Mother Nature

Add some nature come to bathroom like the sunshine, the stone or the water also a personal refuge help you retreat from the busy life

Stylish and Elegant White Bathroom Designs

White colors will make you feel refreshing, clean and can suit to the concept of your house. Get inspired from these stylish white bathroom design ideas to give this space some romantic and elegant touches that make you more relaxed.

Fabulous Sink Transform Rustic Buckets

If you want to change the new look for bedroom try to use this bucket sinks following vingtage design or at any places you like

Stylish Bathroom Decor You Shouldn't Miss

How do you decor your bathroom with just 4 colors, black, white, gray & red? Let turn it the most stylish and enjoyable with the inspiration ideas below.

Peaceful Green Bathroom Design Inspirations

Green is not only a lively color, but can also be dramatic that will create the fresh atmosphere in home's interior. Make your bathroom become a great retreat by choosing these shades of green that evoke sense of calm.

Modern and Fashionable Headboards for a Bedroom Makeover

Tired of your boring bedroom ? Just add some cozy wall paper and colors or the most simple way is choose a new stunning headboard designs that can create a statement for your bedroom

Glamorous Small Bathroom Designs

If you are looking for a both space-efficient and attractive design for your smallish bathroom, you should take a look at the following glamorous ideas. For most confined rooms, black & white hues usually work well to enlarge the space. Moreover, ...

Decorating Bathroom With Art

Bathroom is a place where you can relax yourself and real calm after a long day. Get fresh inspiration in these artistic bathroom designs to bring the beauty and drama to your own dream bath.

Dream Bathroom and Bedroom By Gemelli Designs

Designed by Gemelli Designs, this dream bathroom and bedroom with a wonderful view outside separated from each other with a glass wall. The colors yellow and purple are used in the bathroom and the white colors are used in bedroom. It's is very in...

Sophisticated Bathroom Decor by Cerasa

Here are the array of stylish & modern bathroom designs by Cerasa, an Italian Company, that will give you the most breathless bathing exprerience. The modern interiors, the sophisticated decor items and the smart settings, all combine for the beau...

Bathtub Shade Canopy for Classic Bathrooms

Bathtub shade canopy is another premium aspects of bathroom decor that you should take a look if you want to add more classic & romantic to your bathroom. The modern bathtub combines with the retro-style of canopy is really inspiraionally luxury.

Creative Ideas With Stylish Library In Bathroom

Some people love reading favourite books or novels in the bathroom while enjoying long soaking. So library in bathroom is a very good and creative ideas. Looking at these stylish bathroom design with library that will bring the calm atmosphere to ...

Graceful Bathrooms with Elegant Decor Details

Bathroom is one of the most relaxing room in each house. Today, we'll explore some of the most graceful bathrooms with elegant details to refresh yours.

Dream Bathroom Design Inspirations

Bathroom is the best place to restore energy and relax after working hours. Get fresh inspiration in these beautiful and elegant bathroom design ideas to create your own dream bath.

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