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Modern Furniture for Small Bathrooms by Novello

The Italian company Novello presents the exotic furniture collection as the smart solutions for small bathroom. The collection includes various elegant designs in lovely colors to help you refresh the relaxing space with stylish appearances.

Contemporary Bathroom Sets by Bathroom Empire

Bathroom Empire provides the wonderful bathroom sets that are expected to offer the functional & relaxing requires. Featured from eco-friendly, sustainable furniture in practical & attractive designs, these sets will give please your eyes with ele...

Exotic Bathroom Decors Major in Yellow

Bathroom is not only simple place to shower, it's place to enjoy & relax. And yellow is one of the most favortie colors that people like to use in decorating their interiors, to get the chic looks. Using yellow palette in various levels is the gre...

Sophisticated and Majestic Bathroom Designs with Purple and Lavender Accents

Purple and lavender decorating ideas can achieve a luxurious look and provide a freshness, romance in your home. Here are these majestically pleasing designs which use the colors purple and lavender for your inspiration to create a tranquil bathroom.

Hunter Douglas and Window treatments for Bathroom

Hunter Douglas window treatments presented for bathrooms to change the bathrooms as much as you want and make it more private space. This bathroom window treatment collection includes different types of window treatments such as blinds, shutters, ...

Tiled Showers for Bathroom

Below are some of the amazing tiled showers that you should choose for your bathroom to make it larger looking. There are so many design options with the tiles when it comes to finishing bathroom or shower. From material to finish tiles vary great...

More Space with Shower Curtain Ideas

Shower curtains are versatile, can change with your decor and don't require a lot of space to open and close a shower door. Check out these helpful ideas to make your bathroom lager

Joyful Colored Sinks

If you are bored with the typical sinks in basic colors, you should consider these modern, colored sinks below. These sinks are designed in various colors mixing with awesome shapes that can be the attractive ways to cheer up your home.

Luxurious Bathroom Fireplaces Help Your to Retreat From Anxiety

Hot bathe is a good way to forget about working day problem but that could be more interesting if combination with fireplace - bathroom fireplace, how do you think when you are soaking in the bathtub while a cozy fire warm up you ?

Graceful Bathroom Designed by Cerasa

These awesome bathroom designs from Cerasa are really inspirational. The bathrooms offer not only the modern place to shower but also the elegant touch of relaxing featured from various modern & charming elements.

Luxurious Bathroom Designs

Bathroom is always the smallest space in each house, but this's the most leisurely place. Why don't you give this the glamorously luxurious looks with variety ideas. Here is the collection of sophisticated impressive bathrooms that not only give y...

Modern Bathroom Inspirations

This is an wide range of modern bathroom designs where you just only to spend not only take shower, but also relax your body & mind.

Relaxing Japanese Style Bathroom Designs

Japanese bathroom is really a best place to restore energy after working hours. Add a touch of serenity to your bathroom retreat by finding inspiration in these relaxing, tranquil and harmonious bathroom designs with Japanese-style.

Serene and Stylish Japanese Bathroom Design Ideas

Nothing better than wrap your body in the water under shower but now we suggest to you a lot of bathrooms follow Japaneses-style that could offer much more energy and reduce anxiety

Elegant Bathtubs Create A Victorian-Style Tub

Not only give we a serene feeling but also create a modern atmosphere following decorated in Victorian flavor. Let's turn your tub into relaxing, sophisticared and stylish piece of the master bathroom

Enjoyable Green bathroom Designs

Let refresh and coolen you eye with these awesome ideas from green bathroom designs. The color related to nature mixes with white hue and sparkling details is the master choice to give your bathroom the relaxing & elegant feels.

Modern Luxurious Bathroom Designs

Bathroom is not only place to take a bath, it's place to enjoy the most peaceful & relaxing moments to recover after long day working. Take a look on these modern & luxurious bathroom below to get the beautiful inspiration to your home.

Lovely Wash Basin Designs by Bathco

If you are looking for something stylish and cool for your bathroom, you can take a look on these glamorous wash basin designs by Bathco. The white designs and black patterns inspired from the beautiful flowers will be the best solution for stylis...

Top 6 Most Incredible Bathrooms Ever

Here are 6 of the most incredible bathrooms ever from around the world, which provide not only a functional and relaxing environment, but also please the eye.

Enlarge Your bathroom with Smart Storage

Bathroom is always the smallest room in each house. So, why don't we install some modern storage to enlarge the space and make this look more beautiful & brighter?

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