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Unwind All Stressful Feels with Bathroom Design in Spa-Like Concepts

If you have no much time to enjoy leisurely moment at hi-end spa, you could easily spend that precious time right at your home. And these modern bathroom designs in spa-like concept are the exotic ideas for yours. The organic space with minimalist...

Exotic Stone Bathroom in Natural Concepts

These innovative bathrooms featured in natural stone are the best welcoming to dramatic, fresh environment for relaxing feels. The designs made of modern furniture, stylish decor and real stone in various shapes and colors will bring your bathroom...

Artistic Shower Screen Designs by Riccardo Fattori

These beautiful shower screens featured from glass materials with artistic graphics are exciting designs by Riccardo Fattori for the Antonio Lupi. Featuring from 8 mm thick glass, these awesome screens bring bathroom beautiful touch of floral, hum...

Sumptuous Stone Bathrooms

Not easy as you want to create a sumptuous look. Try to apply stone to your bathroom that make your space look amazing and the important key is choosing the right material and style

Romantic Bathtub Designs for You and Your Lover

Make sure you romantic moment could be saving in your mind by the bathtubs was designed for both of you. Look at the top of designs below and finding an essential of you

Five Relaxing Bathtub Designs

Bath tub is a spot where you can release stress after a day of work and prepare you for a good night's sleep. Check out a whirlpool bath designed for two persons by Melissa Vilar and various bath to make you feel comfortable and relaxing.

New Year Bathroom Makeover Inspirations

Far away from how traditional bathroom looked once, the following makeover ideas may help you update your bathroom interior, turn it more exquisite and inspirational for a fresh new year's look.

Peach Bathroom Decor Ideas

Peach is subtle. Peach is simple. And it’s perfectly acceptable to dress your entire bathroom in. Versatile for beautiful, feminine spaces, peach tones can enhance a rustic-inspired powder room or a large, Victorian and luxurious space. These are ...

Unique Freestanding Bathtub Designs

Seem to be attractive, that style allow homeowners to choose and change the location of the bathub and to take advantage of the layout and design of bathroom. However most of freestanding bathtubs are related to functionality and style

Fresh Feeling with Peach Bathroom Ideas

Peach color can add a freshness to the bathroom and enhance the natural beauty of the home, which is perfect for those who like an elegant, simple look. Creating a cheerful place to wake up you every morning and get a fresh, clean feeling that fit...

Free from Stress at White Bathroom Designs by Antonio Lupi

The white bathroom collection by Antonio Lupi inspired from the Italian styles is so pire & fresh to makeover your old ones. The modern, minimalist bathroom furniture, accessories & sinks in fresh white mix together in the harmonious ways for the ...

Cheerful Children's Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Kids simply love cheerful and colourful things. So, the best way to drag your kids into the bathroom more often and to persuade them easier to take a shower is to decorate the room in a cool & fun way, according to their taste. Have a look at the ...

Extraordinary, Hi-End Black & White Bathroom Designs

If you want to find some fresh & exotic styles for your small bathroom, you should take a look on these amazing examples, the impressive mix of high-contrast hues, black & white. There're numerous ways to install these dramatic colors to interior ...

Five Unique Bathroom Sinks

Sink can become the focal point of the bathroom and it's often made from various color, shape, texture and design. Check out five unique bathroom sinks that you never seen before to add some special and fresh look to your bathroom.

Feel the Classically Sophisticated Atmosphere in Bedroom Designs

If you love the splendor of antiquity with the designs are often derived from the ancient Greeks and Romans and would like to incorporate it to your own space just visit the imagines below

Rock Your World with Unique Bathroom Sinks

Get ready to decor your bathroom from a sink that stands out with color, shape, texture and design can become the focal point of the bathroom without much effort

Eye-Catching Bathroom Decor Ideas

Bathroom always spends a very little space in each house but its functions are so important, place to unwind after stressful day. These eye-catching bathroom decors seem be the greatest & most sophisticated ideas to refresh the peaceful space and ...

Ideas for adding more to lavish and luxurious bathrooms

If you want to have a luxurious bathroom with lavish design ideas. Below are some of the most appropriate ideas for that.

Delightful Your Bathroom Space By Unique Mirrows

Maybe mirrow is the last item to complete your bathroom designs. Check out some unique details of a mirrow and turn the space more delightful

Luxurious Bathroom Designs with Classic & Vintage Elements

Bathroom is the best spot in a home to restore energy and release stress after a day of work. Check out these sophisticated and luxurious bathroom designs fused with classic and vintage and classic elements, which will provide you with a glamorous...

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