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Luxurious Wall Integrated Wash Basin by Antonio Lupi

Have a look at this cool and luxurious wash basin designed by Antonio Lupi. Named 'Silence', the minimalistic, futuristic bathroom sink is made from Corian and boasts a stunning sculptural silhouette that is perfectly integrated into the wall.

Exotic Modern Bathroom Designs by Naxani

The Spanish bathroom designer and manufacturer, Naxani, just introduces the exotic bathroom design collection as the inspirational ideas to refresh your showering place. The designs in this collection featured from the harmonious balance between m...

Stunning and Beautiful Bathroom Featuring Sunken Bathtubs

Bath tub is not only a key element in bathroom, but is also a relaxing furniture that you can release stress after a day of work. The following stunning bathroom designs featuring beautiful sunken bathtubs will be suitable for your modern home and...

Incredible Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom is a spot in a home where you can relax yourself and real calm after a stressful day. Try to enhance this intimate retreat with the following incredibly beautiful and awesome bathroom designs.

Pros and Cons in A Walk-in Shower

Walk-in showers are becoming a symbol and popular trends in modern bathrooms. Have a look at the pros and cons and choose a walk-in shower that is suitable for your bathroom.

Luxe Up the Bathrooms with Futuristic Shower Designs

Showerhead is very important part of the modern bathroom designs to provide the relaxing shower time to its owners and exciting atmosphere also. These modern showers from various designers around the world harmonized the modern technique with the ...

Lovely Decor Ideas to Makeover Your Bathrooms

To get the most beautiful & perfect bathroom that meets both modern needs and artistic inspirations, you should check out these picks below and see how the designers feature these exotic designs.

Beautifully Lively Multi-Colored Bathroom Designs

Colouring bathroom may create a playful atmosphere and set your the mind of the homeowners to be worry-free. Enjoy the relaxing time staying in your bathroom with the beautiful and lively multi-colored design ideas.

Funtional Bathroom Storage Solutions

Your serene bathroom strongly complete and tidy with funtional repository where you can put most toiletries, towels, cleaning products and spare linen

Elegant Bathroom Collection by Porcelanosa

The modern bathroom collection by Porcelanosa is the elegant ideas to makeover the large showering space only. These bathrooms featured from bright ceramic tiles, modern furniture and lovely decorating ideas. The lovely bathroom designs is expecte...

What You Should Notice to Design a Beautiful Bathroom?

With some easy steps of choosing and designing, you should notice these thing below when starting to design a bathroom with amazing looking and stylish.

Luxurious and Spa-Like Bathroom Design Inspirations

Bathroom is your kingdom that you feel comfort after a stressful day, while maintaining your privacy. Warm lights, inviting colours, breathtaking views, charming decoration, modern and luxurious furniture are the key to create a relaxing atmospher...

Relaxing Bathrooms with Green Plants and Flowers

Nothing can be more refreshing after a stressful day than taking a bath in a cool bathroom with green plants and flowers. The following charming bathroom designs with plants and flowers are not only a spot to recharge your mind, but can also make ...

Fun and Innovative Toilet Seat Accessories

Enjoy the following unique, creative and innovative toilet seat accessories in various styles and shapes. These designs will add a touch of fun to your bathroom retreat.

Bathroom Countertop - Bold Trend for The Year 2013

Want your bathroom to be bold and have a plan to renovate the private area, check out the images below with a stunning countertop can become a beautiful eye-catching feature in the bathroom

How to Select for Smaller En-Suite Bathrooms

With smaller bathroom you need to select decor carefully like shower, toilet and hand wash basin then select a coordinating range of products

Lush Bathrooms with Views of Nature

The modern bathroom designs featured from various wonderful elements from contemporary furniture, finest arrangements to beautiful decor ideas is the most dreaming space to shower and unwind all stress. And it's more wonderful when they own the co...

Romantic and Cozy Bathrooms with Fireplace

If your are looking for the cozy atmosphere for bathroom let's try to combination its with fireplace would fit into any interior- two perfect elements waiting for you to discover

Gorgeous Design of Bathroom with Glass Shower Doors

Using glass shower doors are really popular nowaday. This trend will make your bathroom more luxurious and gorgeous. To change the looking of your bathroom, let begin with this kind of door.

Creating Bathroom A Spa-Like Feel

Do you want to create a sense of tranquility. rest and calmmess ? Check out right bathrooms below inspiration from professionally designed spas to emulate their

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