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Stunning Bathroom Lighting Designs

Choosing effective lighting scheme for bathroom is a easy way to create an amazing and unique ambiance. That remind you why lightings have become the most essential elements in bathroom. We hope you enjoyed watching these collected different dazzl...

Art-Tic Design Studio Amazing "Flow" Bathroom Concept

Barcelona's Art-Tic Design Studio launched an unique bathroom concept called "Flow". The seamless design gives us an illusion that the bathroom facilities such as a sink, toilet and bathtub are fused with the floor and walls around so that the roo...

Modern, Chic Bathroom Vanities

Vanities are part of every bathroom and could be wonderful accessories to add more elegant and chic looks to every showering space.

Beautiful, Tropical Nature-Inspired Bathroom Designs [PHOTOS]

Nowadays, bathroom has become a room that is not just for bathing, but is also a spot for relaxation, peace and reflection. Nothing can be more refreshing after a stressful day than taking a bath in a cool bathroom with green plants and fresh natu...

Luxurious Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom seems be a smallest space in every home but it can give its owners the most relaxing and comfortable feels. And Jackie Dishner just presents many modern bathroom design ideas featured from hi-end ultilities and elegant decors that will cr...

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom is just a small space but it can give its owners a comfortable and relaxing touches. With selected furniture and smart decorating, these modern bathrooms are so essential to refresh your home and give you most leisurely moments.

Glamorous Bathroom Inspirations

Take a look on these stunning bathroom designs and get the inspirations in decorating to upgrade your showering space, give it the relaxing atmosphere.

Stunning Sink Faucets For Your Modern Bathroom

When decorating a bathroom, we usually pay attention to big things such as bathtub, tiles, vanitie, shower, just a few understand that the beauty and sophistication often comes from the small details and sink faucet is one of them. Here below are ...

Water-saving multi-functional Bathtub Design

Need a new bathtub design that can save water? The interior designers Seung Hyun Lee, il Woong Jwa, Bom Yi Le and Jiwon Moon have teamed up to create this multi-water save bathub with an exclusive tilt function that allows you to save water when e...

Natural Bathroom Design With Wood

Seemingly wood is popular material in bathroom these days, with its natural and warm feel. To bring the calming and intimate atmosphere to your bathroom retreat, you should not miss these decorating ideas with wood below. Enjoy!

Cool and Refreshing Attic Bathroom Designs

Have you ever thought about transforming your attic into a refreshing bathroom? Moreover, an attic bathroom is also the good solution for those who need a private place to relax or bathing. Check out some really cool attic bathroom designs for ins...

Deluxe Your Bathroom with Colored Tiles

Would your like to refresh your bathroom and fest your eyes as well? These colored tiles will be the perfect solution to protect and color up the showering space. Take a look on these gorgeous bathrooms and get the inspiration to luxe up your bath...

Wacky Bath Rugs & Mats

A proper bath rug or a mat may not only be a practical and comfortable bathroom accessory, but can also complement or spice up the look of the room, while creating a safe environment. For those of you, who are looking for a fresh and fun update to...

Where to relax yourself after a tiring day – ideal bathroom.

Imaging that you are in bathtub with a bit massage, milk, soap, fragrance and music. That is everything you need to recharge your energy after a working day. Why don’t you apply some tips make your place look better and more comfortable.

Elegant and Unexpected Wooden Sinks

Seemingly wooden sinks are hot and popular these days, with their rustic, eco-friendly and charming feel. Get ready to add an unexpected details and pretty vintage appeal to your bathroom with the following exquisite and elegant wooden sinks. Enjoy!

Amazing Modern Urban Basin Collection by Roca

Let me show you the fantastic Modern Urban Basin Collection by Roca, the leading bathroom brand. This collection is the combination of style and personality. Each model has an image of the famous cities in the world such as Berlin, Barcelona, New ...

Fantastic Bathroom For Children.

This lovely-funny bathroom is a special-colorful gift brought to the children by designer Laurent. Laurent has done a great job; make the bathroom into a super fantastic-playful space to learn about hygiene by decorating with many rounded shapes, ...

Refreshing Hand Crafted Japanese Bath Tubs

Nowadays, many people are enthusiastic about traditional Japanese style, it's really elegant, beautiful and simplistic that can add a touch of serenity to your interiors. Looking for some Asian influence in your bathroom space? These refreshing ha...

Lovely Bathroom Decor Ideas

Bathroom is one of the most relaxing place in each house. To give this the sweety and girly looks, you could add some feminine colors like pink, red, blue or purple hues and delicate with some worthy details like curtains, rugs, lace tiles, fresh ...

Trendiest Bathroom Inspiration 2013

These bathroom designs are the gorgeous mixtures between modern hi-techs, elegant designs and interiors that will be the trendiest and inspiration to makeover the showering space in upcoming time.

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