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Attractive Bathroom Designs by Axor

As a part of Hansgrohe, based in bathroom designs and furniture, Axor introduces a new collection of bathroom designs to offer a series of place to give people the peaceful relaxing feels with luxurious touches.

Fantastic Bathrooms with Breathtaking Views [PHOTOS]

If your house is placed in the nature or you have an apartment with a great view of the city, why not you open your shower area to these stunning views. I'm surely the best bathroom views will make you feel relaxing, comfortable while bathing afte...

Fabulous Master Bathroom Designs

If you have no time for a spa day, designing a fabulous master bathroom right at your home is never a bad idea. Check out these stunning master bathrooms built for two and get the romantic inspirations for yours.

Calming and Relaxing Scandinavian Bathroom Design Ideas

Scandinavian decor is really calming, peaceful and relaxing that could be an ideal for bathroom decor and also brings a warm feel. Check out these inspiring Scandinavian bathroom design ideas and get ideas on how to turn your shower area into a ho...

Inspiring Bathroom Design Ideas

This is an inspiring bathroom design collection that would refresh every showering space with touch of elegance and luxury.

Captivating and Stunning Wooden Bath Tubs for Nature-Themed Bathroom Space

A wooden bath tub not only creates a unique look to your boring bathroom, but can also make you feel a lot more relaxing, cozier to be around materials from nature. This design could be used perfectly for nature-themed or Asian-themed bathrooms. S...

Amazing Concrete Bathroom Design Ideas

These days, concrete is a very popular and modern material in interior design, and can be mixed also with vivid colors and wood that makes the space more cheerful and warmer. Find inspiration in these amazing bathroom designs with concrete and get...

Elegant White Bathtubs

The sleek and white bathtub designs are so wonderful to give all showering space the elegant, and refreshing atmosphere with comfortable touches.

Relaxing and Calming Asian Themed Bathroom Designs

Asian-themed space are becoming popular in interior designs with its relaxing, calming and peaceful feel. Wood, bamboo, sculptures, plants and some touches of nature are common in Asian themed interiors. Check out the following elegant Asian bathr...

Beautiful & Glamorous Mediterranean Bathroom Designs

Mediterranean bathroom designs can bring in Tuscan-inspired palette of warm colors and also give the space a cool, stunning view. If you want to collect some ideas of mediterranean bathrooms, you can check out these beautiful designs below.

Circular and Curvy Hot Tub Designs

When they install in bathroom, the circular and curvy bath tubs have the power to make the shower area look very cute and spacious. For those of you who want to relax and get some physical therapy for a while, you should set up one of the followin...

Out of Breath with Fabulously Unique and Spa-like Bathroom Designs

Focusing the amazingly creative designs and beautiful shapes, the following unique yet luxurious and comfortable bathrooms will not only attract attention worldwide, but can also get you out of breath and bring the spa-like feel to your mind. Have...

Purify Your Soul with Unique and Creative Bathtub Designs

The beauty of the following bathtubs in their unique and creative features that can exude contemporary flair, purify your soul and of course add a touch of sophisticated elegance and glamour to any shower space. Take a look!

Add Shine & Luxurious To Your Bathrooms

Take a look at these glamorous bathroom designs from FAPCeramiche and explore how to add lavish & shiny touches to the showering space. These bathrooms are variety from modern to contemporary featured with fully furnished interiors and with a full...

Fantastic Modern Makro Bathroom Designs

The Makro bathroom designs are available in different vibrant colors, statement decors and effective appliances create an elegant, amazing showering feels to owners.

Sweet Marble Bathroom Design

The sweet marble bathroom design looks rather lovely with romantic interior design.The girlie bathroom design by Bev Adams is specialized for women and girls.

Stunning Copper Bathtubs That Create A Warm Glow Focal Point In Bathroom

Although it is not an particularly appealing material, but copper has a unique character and charm that could be a very powerful choice for interior design as well as create a warm glow focal point in the space. Take a look at these extremely stun...

Luxurious Bathroom Designs in Minimalist Style

Take a look at these bathroom designs from Italian company Savio Firmino explore its luxurious spirit. These bathrooms inspired by minimalist styles with unique furniture and soft tones creates the charming, lavish looks.

Babulous Acrylic Bathtubs in Various Shapes

These modern, acrylic bathtubs in various shapes and fresh white is part creating the elegant bathroom.

Wooden Bathtub Design by Unique Wood Design for Elegant Bathrooms

The Poland-based Unique Wood Design introduces the collection of wooden bathtubs that would luxe up the bathroom looks. The bathtubs balanced between modern minimalism and classic decors would give the wonderful experience and relaxed touch ever.

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