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Inspiring Bathroom Designs by Adeeni Design Group

Claudia Juestel and her team at Adeeni Design Group presents the inspiring bathroom collection with 2 awesome designs in an apartment in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights neighborhood. These bathrooms balanced between contemporary interiors with bol...

Luxurious and Glamorous Cleopatra bathtub by Ippolito Fleitz Group

Designed to create a sense of privacy and security, this Cleopatra bathtub is a perfect spot where you control the environment and choosing to relax and unwind in complete privacy. The bathtub also features luxe details and has the spectacular lig...

Sleek and Cozy Attic Bathroom Design Ideas

Don't waste the space of the attic, you can transform this spot into a wonderful cozy bedroom, home office or even a bathroom. No matter if your attic is small and tiny, the following efficient use of your attic will help you create a sleek and in...

Strikingly Beautiful Pop Limited Edition Accademia Bathtub by Teuco

Teuco has combined the classic aesthetics and post-modern dynamics to its stunning Pop Limited Edition Accademia Bathtub line. The designs offer a simplicity that is strikingly beautiful with the tapered legs, softly angled sides and feature the g...

Alexander Lasferza's Colourfully Creative Freestanding Sinks

Inspired by nature, warm colours and family and handcrafted in Italy, these colourfully creative freestanding sinks by Alexander Lasferza are made from the same materials as the legs and framework of the cabinetry, the combination of the steely gr...

Incredible and Refreshing Open Shower Ideas

A open shower room with beautiful views is the perfect choice for busy people who want to relax in the fresh environment after a stressful day. Check out these incredible open shower ideas and find inspirations for yourself.

Statement-Making Floating Vanities & Sink Consoles

To many modern bathroom spaces, designing a floating vanity or sink console on the wall would save much space and add more elegant, luxurious touches as well. Check out these minimalist, sleek ideas below and get the most perfect for yours!

Eye-Catching Bathroom Designs with Multi-Color Tiles

If you want to refresh your old bathroom, these awesome bathroom decors with multi-colored tiles are the wonderful ideas to try on now!

Exquisite and Sleek Bathroom Designs in Black & White

Fan of black and white? Here are some examples of sophisticated and exquisite bathroom designs in black and white colors that will surely encourage you to play with your boring bathroom in this classy color duo. Enjoy!

Romantic Ying Yang Bathtub for Couples

German company Trautwein has designed a creative bathtub inspired by a Yin Yang symbol. This bathtub design is separated into two sections and is quipped with speakers and Led lights, which can create a romantic space for couples.

Top 5 Fantastic Faucet Designs

Faucets are an important element of any bathroom decor, so you need to have the fantastic faucet in order to give your bathroom a very sophisticated and outstanding look. Here are some truly enchanting faucets with impressive design for your inspi...

Uber-Chic Shower Head Designs for Updating Entire Bathroom

Check out 5 truly cool and uber-chic shower heads with creatively modern designs and sizzling shape that will give you an idea for an instantly fabulous update of your entire bathroom. Enjoy!

5 Outstanding and Terrific Bathroom Vanity Designs

Vanities are one of the most important part of bathroom decor, so that is why you should check out 5 outstanding and truly terrific bathroom vanity designs in order to give this intimate room an attractive and sophisticated look.

Penta's Unusual Vessel Sink of Two Contrasting Materials

Here is an unusual vessel sink design by Penta, which is made of two contrasting materials including Dupont Corian and Chroma. This contrast is enhanced as light passes through and create plays on shadow for a 3 dimensional storyline to the sink a...

Deep-Soaking Japanese Bathtubs for More Relaxing Effect

The most important characteristic of the Japanese bathtubs is the deeper construction and the sides are usually square instead of being sloped like Western-style tubs. Moreover, the Japanese tubs are always made of wood that can make you feel more...

Dramatic Gothic Themed Bathroom Design Ideas [PHOTOS]

Combining the gothic style with stone bathtub, neon lights or modern materials and bold colors like black, purple and red could create a refined and very exquisite shower area where you can enjoy the drama and chic life. Take a look at the example...

Escape Everyday Stress with Sauna and Steam Shower Designs

Would you like to find a balance your private life and work pressures? Perhaps, the sauna and steam shower designs seem to be a great idea and need to install in your home in order to improve your health and escape everyday stress in the same time...

Feel in a Luxury Spa in The Super Modern DR Bathtub

For those of you, who like free-standing bathtubs, this 'DR Tub' by Studio MK27's Marcio Kogan and Mariana Ruzante maybe a great idea for you. The design of this freestanding tub is made from wood, and it looks like the figure eight that can allow...

Luxurious Spa-Like Bathroom Designs for Peaceful Minds

Have you ever thought about a luxurious, spa-like bathroom design right at your home, where you could enjoy the most relaxing atmosphere with affordable price. Take a look at these stunning design ideas and get the inspiration for your luxe comfort.

Beautiful Neutral Themed Bathroom Designs [PHOTOS]

A bathroom in neutral colors are really a real, cool and calming place where you can relax in most comfortable way after a stressful day. To create an awesome and amazing effect, you can combine neutral shades with minimalist style, marble and gil...

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