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Win Win Websites Promotion


The Toilet That Transforms Into an Urinal

It’s a fact that men have something when it comes to urinals. We love them for a reasons that we don’t even understand. However when you look at this piece of technology below, you may get an idea why!

Complete Bathroom Sets - new Esprit set by Kludi got it all

Surprising extra details make the new Kludi Esprit complete bathroom set something really special.

Bathroom Washstands With Gold Finish - Artemide By GB NUove Linee Bagno

GB NUove Linee Bagno is one of those bathroom furniture manufacturers, which not only follow the latest fashion trends but also combine them with ancient traditions of Italian furniture.

Amazing Bathrooms from Flaminia

Flaminia is yet another maker of Italian bathrooms and we found their collection to be stunning. If you are on the lookout for modern creative bathrooms, Flaminia should be on your radar.

Touch Screen Mirror from Stocco plays MP3 - Maitre

No longer is a mirror just a mirror – the Stocco Maitre touch screen mirror is a reflection of modern luxury.

Modular Faucet from Neve takes any shape ...

Budding bathroom designer? Satisfy your creative instincts with Canali modular faucet from Neve.

AutoClose: Hi-tech toilet seat cover!

Pressalit, a brand well-known for unique stuff for your trendy bathroom is here once again with its latest idea to add a touch of opulence and technology to your bathroom.

Less Boring Toilet Seats!

“Nobody said that a toilet seat has to be white.”

Bio Shock taps: Choose your color!

Are you weary of the same old faucets? Well, Fima Carlo Frattini is here with Bio Shock taps to give your bathroom a facelift.

BELLEVUE Bathing & Showering

Stylish enjoyment. With its deluxe wood panelling the BELLEVUE bath is a tasteful focal point in the bathroom. The real wood veneer can also be found in the furniture items in the collection.

FLUID, faucet that becomes a drinking fountain

Naresh Chauhan The Design Blog
FLUID, faucet that becomes a drinking fountain

Coming from the house of Köhler Design (a German group of designers), Fluid is a flexible faucet that doubles as a drinking fountain and lets you drink water without the need of wetting your hands with a simple flip.

Villeroy & Boch Unveils New Design-Forward Bath and Wellness Products

Villeroy & Boch Bath and Wellness announced the arrival of several new products for the U.S. market this week. Two innovative and design-forward product lines stand out amongst the collection -- La Belle, featuring romantic yet modern classic desi...

Shoe Mosaic Bathtubs for Glamour Girls by SICIS

Creative bathtubs is one of the latest trends in bathroom appliances design. Different companies tries to take their place on the market creating unique bathtubs which could make the whole bathroom as unique as creative.

Modern Moroccan Bathroom Furniture and Inspiration - Unique 63 from Delpha

Unique 63 bathroom furniture and designs from Delpha are those which should be mentioned. They are colorful, unique and irresistible.

Moen ioDIGITAL system – Personalized showering made simple!

What could be the more perfect way to start your morning other than having your hot morning shower already started.

It’s Raining Pictures From My Shower

When you see a sleek little projector like this Photo Shower, you expect it to be packed with tech-specs and groundbreaking features; but NO! No, no, no! It DOES NOT boast of any such things, in fact it goes out of the way to ensure that you get t...

The 4Life Pure Bathtub By Kopie von adolfr

Designer Kpoei von adolfr presented his new bathtub masterpiece called the 4Life Pure in Frankfurt at ISH 2009.

Classic Bathroom Furniture, Ideas, Designs, Pictures from Lineatre

These dramatic, classic bathroom ideas from Lineatre have a winning theatrical flair. Modular elements are the key to the success of the sumptuous design, allowing you to furnish large or small spaces using the classic bathroom furniture shown here.

Cool Bathtubs - newest bathtub designs from Aquamass

Aquamass are well-known for their exceptionally cool bathtubs designs. Here is a handful from the fantastically imaginative selection available.

Modern Bathrooms, Bathroom Designs, Ideas & Pictures from Delpha

These modern bathroom designs from Delpha are impossible to take your eyes off! What is it that makes them so irresistible? We think it’s the exquisite attention to detail… characterised by the fabulous vanities: bathroom furniture that takes cent...

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