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Children's & Teens' Room

Bring color for your kid's bedrooms

Angel Baby Bedding has ingenious ideas that inspire baby bedding and cribs. Babies often really like color, especially bright color. Just bring more funny color to their rooms with these kinds of bed.

Pink and Chocolate Rooms for Teen Girls

Lovely design for girls with the combination of pink and chocolate colors.

Colour Combinations for Kids' Bedroom

Kids love bright and lively colours. Here are some trendy colour combinations for kids' room, which will satisfy both your and your little one's discerning taste.

Chic Design Ideas for Kids' Room

This is one of the moments I wish I was a child again :) Take a tour around these kids' rooms to get ideas, which will also satisfy the taste of your loved ones. Choose from a range of decoration styles from sweet & pink for girls to creative and ...

Creative Kids' Room Designs

Design company Mimolimit has revealed a wonderful collection of fun playroom designs for kids, which remind of movie scenes. The concept of the company is to satisfy the clients as well as their kids.

Modern Kids' Room Designs

Here are some photos of modern kids room interiors to inspire you when designing a beautiful and modern room for your child.

Beautiful teen bedroom designs by New Classic Furniture

Make your teenager happy by asking for their help while you are discussing the makeover with your interior decorator: what kind of bunk beds, accessories, wall décor and colours they like, so you can design the empire to their heart's content.

Loft Decorating Ideas for Kids' Room by Tumidei

Designed by Italian furniture company Tumidei, these kids' and teenagers' loft beds cater to all kinds of tastes. With light and airy colors like mauves, light blues, beige etc, these tasteful and sophisticated pieces of furniture are also very in...

Kids Bedroom Interior Design For Small Rooms from Sergi

Designs can be many, but it’s always challenging to save space without having to compromise with the beauty and aesthetics while furnishing and decorating a room. Here we have compiled pics of some innovative yet contemporary designs for kids’ roo...

Cool decorating ideas for kids' room

Check out some really creative, cheerful decorating ideas for kids' bedroom. Don't be afraid of experimenting with multiple colours and patterns to transform the rooms into distinctive "empires".

Lovely Pink Girls Room Inspirations

You are thinking of making a pink bedroom for your darling daughter? The lovely pink girls room inspirations below would help you amaze your girl. Combination of different shades of pink color makes it bright and the same time very gentle. Almost ...

Room Designs For Teen from Carre's site

Today, we bring to you a collection of inspirational teenage room ideas that are funky, trendy and very stylish from Carre's site. The teen room collection has four sets for Artists, Dancer, Rockstar, and Scientist. If you are looking to re-design...

A Book You Can Sleep In

Caroline Stanley Flavorwire
A Book You Can Sleep In

This bed by Japanese artist Yusuke Suzuki that’s designed to look like an oversized book — complete with pages that you can turn.

Ultimate Pirate Ship Bedroom

Designed by Steve Kuhl. The six-year-old occupant from Minnesota wanted Steve to build a one-of-a-kind bedroom for a one-of-a-kind son. Steve concepted a space ship, race car, and castle before landing on this design.

10 Ways to Achieve a Gender Neutral Kid’s Room

It seems that the traditional pink and blue rooms for kid’s rooms will always be traditional, but gender neutral rooms are increasing in popularity. Whether it’s because decorative colors don’t have to be gender biased, or more children are sharin...

10 Classic Kids Bedroom Design Ideas

Classic interior design usually come hand by hand with luxury lifestyle nowadays. Also that isn’t always so when it comes to kids bedrooms.

5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Renovate Kid’s Rooms

Children’s rooms and play areas are always an area of concern for parents and care givers. When deciding to change paint color, refinish furniture, or renovate their rooms, being eco-friendly for their health and the Earth’s health need to be con...

Betsy Burnham Teen Style

Betsy Burnham Teen Style

Long time fans of interior designer, Betsy Burnham's work, we were excited when we came across these lovely photos of the rooms she designed for her teenage children. Her signature bold layered look abounds with an added element of youthfulness in...

One Crib, All Babies

One panel, all personalities. That’s sort of the idea with this particular line of furniture that focuses on the panel. It’s called “Muu” and it’s got a “MuuPanel” system working for it.

25 Room Design Ideas for Teenage Girls

Looking for fresh design ideas for pretentious and stylish teenage girls? In this post we will try to give a hand. For today we’ve gathered together a set of 25 pictures which represent young girls’ rooms.

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