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Garden & Outdoor

5 Useful Accessories for Balcony

Get ready to make your balcony functional, useful and cozy by adding one of five stunning and comfortable accessories below. Enjoy!

Incredibly Lovely Outside Bar Ideas

Nothing better than sitting near by an outside bar and starting enjoy a delicious drink and fun time in your own yard. With old wooden boards, pallets, old doors or woods, you can use them and make a lovely outside bar for yourself. Now, get ready...

Stunning DIY Outdoor Wall Art Ideas

The outdoor wall art will help you to make your outdoor look interesting and incredible, so now get ready to add drama to your yard with the following stunning DIY outdoor wall art projects for creating a sense of relaxing place. Have a look!

Spectacular Pond Landscaping Designs for Garden

Ponds are extremely nice additions to garden, because they not only bring water into the scene, but can also give your outdoor a feeling of nature with fishes, plants and birds in it. For those of you, who want to have an own pond for your garden,...

Fabulous Indoor/Outdoor Transition Ideas for Leisurely Moments

If you have a beautiful garden or dramatic landscape, designing a wonderful indoor/outdoor transition would be perfect place to give owners the peaceful & leisurely atmosphere to enjoy the beauty of nature and comfort feels.

Beautiful Garden Landscaping Ideas

The beautiful garden designs with nice landscaping ideas below are so wonderful and great source of inspiration to get a peaceful place to release all stress.

Stunningly Traditional Pools with Fire Pits

The water and fire work well together for swimming pool that always impresses us and can make this area a paradise. It's like a balance of relaxation and charm, so that is why the pools with fire pits are getting more and more popular in the conte...

Spectacular Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas

Just like your indoor walls, you need to pay attention to outdoor walls in order to create a very charming place to relax after a stressful day. So that is why we present you 5 spectacular ideas on how to beautify the boring walls of your garden a...

Tranquil and Serene Water Garden Ideas for Outdoor

If you want to bring serenity to your outdoor, you should check out 5 tranquil water garden ideas below. Each design offer the views of stunning nature, beautiful landscape and of course a natural, calming feel. Have a look!

Wonderful, Relaxing Place Near The Pool

It's raining, but you still want to relax in the outside, perhaps the relaxing place near the pool in your yard could be the right idea in this case. And think that the following wonderful places near pool will inspire you and help you to feel mor...

Modern Outdoor Design Ideas

These geometric outdoor designs inspiring at a deep level and featured with beautiful plants & flowers, contemporary outdoor furniture, fireplaces and water features are so wonderful to those love structural designs.

Fabulous Outdoor Room Designs

If you have a small garden or patio, designing a comfortable outdoor room to get the airy feels and eye-catching looks would be awesome ideas. Take a look at these beautiful rooms and explore the favorite makeover ideas for coming Summer.

Dala: Charming and Stunning Loveseat for Garden

Designed by Stephen Burks for Dedon, this charming Dala collection of loveseat which can be used by the lake, on the balcony, in the garden or out by the pool. The frame of this sofa bed is built using expanded aluminum and woven with Dedon's prop...

Beautiful Outdoor Design Ideas

These beautiful outdoor design ideas featured contemporary furniture and detailed with fireplaces, ponds, fountains, and garden lighting in rustic style would be budget and worthy ideas to bring out the serene & romantic atmosphere.

Invisible Mirror Fence by Alyson Shotz

Designed by Alyson Shotz, this Mirror Fence becomes almost invisible that can create privacy, the beauty of the surrounding landscape and attracts numerous people to the sidewalks.

Lovely Vintage Beds for Magical Garden

Have you ever dreamed about sleeping in the garden under the stars? If you have an own garden and just putting some vintage bed in the garden, you can make this interesting dream come true. Moreover, the garden beds also help you to have an awesom...

5 Truly Amazing Bench Designs for Garden

Gardenland brings you a fraction of beauty, nature and freshness, so that is why sitting on the bench in your own garden is the wonderful idea for this summer season. Take a look at these truly stunning benches with amazing designs will give you b...

Recharge The Batteries with Relaxing Outdoor Places

This sunny season, all of us could need to have some hidden private corner or a fascinating outdoor place with natural views where we recharge the batteries and escape from the reality after a long stressful day. Check out these very dream outdoor...

Interesting Terrace and Patio Decor Ideas Welcoming Spring

Take a look at these inspiring terrace and patio décor ideas and get the inspiration for refreshing your outdoor space.

Beautiful Small Balcony Designs

Spring is the most wonderful season to enjoy the fresh air with nature's beauty. Let's refresh your small balcony, add some green plants and lovely flowers, and some outdoor furniture to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and release all stress.

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