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Jean Marie Massaud's Spectacular 'Season' All-Glass Coffee Table

Created by French designer Jean Marie Massaud, this fantastic 'Seasons' coffee table is made from glass and features a retaining basin in the center that can be used for various things like as a vase, flower box, an aquarium or a burner. The spect...

Elegant and Luxurious Sleigh Bed Inspirations for Cozy Bedroom

Christmas is approaching soon, the fabulous sleigh bed not only makes you imagine the Santa Claus is riding on his magical sleigh, but can also add a subtle festive look and elegance to your bedroom. Moreover, these sleigh bed designs will surely ...

Stylish Folding Furniture Designs for Tiny Home

For those of you, who want to find solution for your tiny home, you should need folding furniture for your small space. Take a look at the following folding furniture designs that they are not only functional, but can be also stylish items for any...

Colorful Chair Designs in Baroque Style by Vittorio Fuiano

The colorful chair collection from Vittorio Fuiano consists of various hand-painted pieces featured exotic with acrylic over wood, faux leather, fabric colors and Baroque-influenced styles.

Beautiful Oudoor Rattan Furniture from Decor Furniture Corp

Check out these beautiful outdoor furniture from Décor Furniture Corp and catch what would give your garden & poolside the relaxed feels with stylish touch. All furniture are made from rattan materials mixing with bold colors from pillows are expe...

Wooden Furniture in Classic Designs for Elegant Touches

The wooden furniture in classic designs with its warm hues always gives every living corner the cozy atmosphere with elegant touch and they are never gone out-of-fashion. Check out these ideas and get the inspirations for your home.

Attractive Glass Tops for Dining Tables

The glass is one of the most exciting to enlarge the living area and add more elegant touch as well. And these modern dining tables with glass tops in bold colors would give the elegant, eye-catching looks to your dinning rooms.

Simplicity Makes Elegance

These modern tables balanced between modern and simple touches with calm colors would be essential points to add more elegant touch to every corner of your home.

Create classic space with White Wicker Furniture

Furniture made from wicker are so beautiful, charming and very classic, especially in white. You can use them in living room or outdoor spaces such as garden, gazebo, veranda. Now, take a look at some furniture on the list below.

Breathtaking White Dining Table Designs by Zanotti Jacabo Zibardi

The Italian manufacturer Zanotta just unveiled the modern white dining table designed by Zanotti Jacabo Zibardi. The rounded shape is sculptural and organic inspired by Zen-like simplicity could fit anywhere and bring out the charming, sophisticat...

Elegant Furniture Designs by Ineke Hans

Dutch designer Ineke Hans just launched the collection of contemporary furniture for both indoors and outdoors. The collection named Fogo Island Inn includes many playful and practical pieces in bold colors will be eye-catching ideas to your home.

Modern 2-in-1 Solar Lamp and Table Design

Interior designer Jean Marie Massaud has combined a table with a solar power lamp in order to create a very beautiful, modern 'Terra' collection. The design is made from polyethylene that not only allows you to use like a coffee table, but can als...

Brighten Up Your Living Room with Colored Sofas

These colorful sofas in various modern designs would be awesome ideas to brighten up the living room.

Monstrous "Moyee Chair" By Jason Goh

Inspired by his own childhood story, Singaporean designer Jason Goh created the furry monstrous "Moyee Chair" with a big long tounge. Though it looks a bit scary, the round-shape furniture pieces is an ideal place for you to read book or hang out ...

Childish Dream Comes Real with Balloons Bench

Have you ever thought about taking a huge cluster of air balloons and fly away with them? And now, you have a chance to make your childish dream comes true with the following Balloons Bench. Designed by Japanese genius designer Satoshi Itasaka, th...

Paper Planes: Luxurious Armchairs Adorned with Swarovski Crystals

The London-based designer duo Jonathan Levien and Nipa Doshi have collaborated for the launch of two beautiful armchairs adorned with Swarovski crystals, as seen at this year's Vienna Design Week event. Titled 'Paper Planes', these armchairs is th...

Extraordinary, Halloween Themed 'Ghost Chairs' by Drift Studio

Talented designers from Drift Studio has presented an extraordinary Halloween themed furniture design called 'Ghost Chairs'. These chairs are made of Plexiglas, which is transparent but rather strong material. The designers used 3D technology to s...

Cool and Stylish TV Stand Designs [PHOTOS]

Nothing fun and relaxing than sitting down for a bit to watch television after coming home from work. So, a well-designed TV stand is very important that not only organize the space for storing your DVD players, consoles, video games, speakers and...

"Rockid" - Cradle Rocking Chairs

Combining rocking chair and baby cradle, "Rockid" is a great piece of furniture that bring convenience to new moms. You can relaxingly read a book or knit a sweater while the baby is slowly falling asleep following the chair's swaying rhythm. Fini...

Random "PinPress Shelving" By OOO My Design

Taking inspiration from pin-press needle toys, Spanish design company OOO My Design presents "PinPress Shelving", the creative and safe shelving solution for kid's living space. This interesting creation does not restrict usable space with predefi...

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