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Elegant, Practical Closet Designs

To many small space living, designing a practical yet elegant closet would be stunning effective ideas to refresh the space. Take a look at these exciting ideas and get the inspiration now!

Stylish Open Shelving Designs Showing Your Styles

Using open shelving designs is the awesome idea to show off your home styles. The open shelving designs could be variety from woods, concrete to metallic materials, pops of colors and designs also add more elegant & charming touches.

Lavish Ethuil Rattan Bench Design

The fantastic Ethuil bench featured in rattan material is a stunning design by Dolcefarniente. With its intricate network of curved rattan joint wrapped with wicker, the bench would be iconic decoration to every corner.

Colorful and Unusual Patchwork Moon Sofa

Designed by Gatis Jansons, this unusual Moon sofa is made from recycled materials like wood and fabric. The design is also made in patchwork and uses colorful fabrics that will surely make a wonderful, fresh and bright accent in any modern, rustic...

Fabulous Storage & Closet Designs

A well-designed storage & closet system must be designed with functional furniture and nice arrangement is the most essential part in each home, and a dreaming place to its owners.

Elegant, Comfortable Hug Furniture Collection

The Hug furniture collection from Italian brand Hug, designed by A. Radice and F. Orlandini, inspired by the concept to create a seating experience for both personal and intense. The furniture featured with unstructured lines and super fluffy comp...

Stage Interactive Shelf: Functional Furniture Piece for Devices

The Stage Interactive Shelf bySpell Studio is a sleek slide-out shelf for unobtrusively charging mobile devices, with a table slot on top, padded compartment below for phones and tables and a 5-socket power strip. The materials used in this simple...

Amazing Heart-Shaped Sofa by Kati Meyer-Bruhl

If you want to create an amazing touch to your living room, the following Jo Sofa with heart-shaped look designed by Kati Meyer-Bruhl is the most wonderful idea.

Bold and Statement Round Bed Designs [PHOTOS]

For those of you, who are choosing a new bed for your bedroom right now, and want to make this private space look more statement, stunning and attractive, you should check out these very stylishly bold round beds below.

Unique and Unusual Chimenti Table Inspired by Venice

Designed by Belluno in the Venetian region, this Chimenti Table is really unique, unusual that you have never seen before. Venice sealed in a tabletop, the design features three planks, milled from Venetian bricolas - the iconic mooring markers an...

Heart-Shaped Jo Sofa by Bruhl

Designed by Kati Meyer-Bruhl, this intriguing Jo Sofa can be shaped like a heart, and you can pull the heart shape wide open in order to fit any space. Coming in navy cotton with white leather piping, the Jo Sofa is an awesome way to add a bit of ...

MotorArt's Recycled Aircraft Parts Furniture Collection

California-based company MotoArt has recycled the fragments of decommissioned aircrafts of the 70's-80's of the twentieth century and transformed them into the creative and modern furnitures. Consisting of couches, chairs, stools, tables and other...

Non-Conventional and Unique Bedside Table Designs [PHOTOS]

Forget the normal bedside table, it's a time to discover some unique ones in order to make your sleeping area look outstanding and striking. Look for some cool examples of non-conventional bedside table designs below and get inspired.

2014 Trend: Beautiful Nesting Table Designs

These days, nesting tables are gaining popularity with their functionality that they not only help homeowners to save space, but can also give any house an elegant touch. Check out these beautiful nesting table designs and find inspiration for you...

Cool Batman Bat-Shaped Bookshelf Design

If you are a fan of Batman film, this very cool Batman bat-shaped bookshelf is an ideal choice for your own space. The creative piece is made of MDF, zinc and silver screws, and comes in two versions: classic Batman and The Dark Knight, which will...

Creative, Space-Saving Coffee Bench

The latest coffee bench designed by BEYOND standards featured from high-quality materials is the creative, smart design for small space living. Within a few seconds, the bench could be a table, bench or desk for daily working needs.

Practical and Creative Star-Shaped Clothes Horse Design

Perhaps a creative and functional storage piece is necessary in any modern apartment or contemporary home in order to save the space. Aaron Dunkerton has designed a practical star shaped Clothes Horse, including 36 arms, 10 more than a conventiona...

Stunning Chinese Garden Stools

Chinese garden stools fit absolutely perfect in vintage-inspired living room or hallways while adding a dose of sophistication. Coming in lovely Asian pattern and designs, the following stunning Chinese garden stools will not only allow you to enj...

Domus Arte's Elegant Scando Oak Furniture Collection

Designed by Domus Arte, this Scando Oak collection includes 3-drawer cabinet, a wardrobe and 5 sided media cabinet, which is made from cultivated oak forests. These furnitures use clean simple silhouettes to achieve an almost woven effect and each...

Simple Yet Elegant Bed Designs

The following mid-century inspired bed designs looks rather simple but could bring the elegant and retro touches to your bedroom space.

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