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Beautiful Coffee Tables with Moroccan Twist

Looking for an inviting coffee table with a Moroccan twist? Take a look at these beautiful Moorish-inspired table designs that is not only a stunning addition to any room, but can also give your living space an exotic and unique touch.

Alternative Aqua Daybed for Lazy Sunny Days

Summer is coming around, and it's time to dress up your boring outdoor, balcony or terrace with an interesting furniture like Aqua Daybed from Source outdoor. With simple yet effective designs, the Aqua Daybed would give you all the most relaxing ...

Cool Metallic Coffee Tables for Modern Living Rooms

These coffee tables made of metallic materials in different stylish designs would be essential ideas to add more elegant and eye-catching touches to your living rooms.

Innovative and Modern Keyboard Sofa [PHOTOS]

Enjoy some amazing photos of this creative sofa by ZO-loft that it looks like an oversized computer keyboard. Making out of soft keys, the eye-catching sofa is not only used as a comfortable bed, but can be also placed in modern home or the intern...

Stunningly Modern Metallic Coffee Table Designs

Choosing the right coffee table is wonderful way to achieve the overall vibe you desire. And if you are a contemporary person who want to add modern look to your living space, you should not miss these stunning metallic coffee tables below.

Windmills: Rainbown Furniture by Constance Guisset x La Cividina

Windmills is a new modern furniture from Constance Guisset and is also one of the new La Cividina products shown at the 2014 Salone del Mobile. The Windmills is available in 110cm with 12 wedges, 60cm with 8 wedges and extra-large 180cm with 16 we...

Elegant Wrought Iron Patio Furniture for Outdoor Dining Room

Outdoor is the most wonderful place for dining area if you have a beautiful garden or nice landscape. And these wrought iron patio furniture sets would be the essentials to add more comfort and touch of stylish to that outdoor space.

Musically Inspired Furniture and Decoration Ideas

Musical instruments seem to be the perfect home items that can make your home become a ticket to heaven like no stress, no worries or just a peaceful place where you regain your energy after a hard working day. And, if you understand that music is...

Create An Illusion of Flight with h220430's Dreany Balllon Chair

Have you ever thought about sitting on a chair and flying away with it? Now, you will have a chance to make your childish dream comes true with this Balloon Chair. Designed by h220430, this chair is a dreamy piece made of leather, steel and uretha...

Stylish Modular Furniture Sets for Different Purposes

Functional modular furnitures are getting more and more popular in modern house, especially small apartment. Discover these stylish modular furniture sets for different purposes, such as for the living room, nursery or bedroom. Have a look!

Stunning Round Square Cabinet by Studio Thier&VanDaalen

Studio Thier&VanDaalen has created its playful Round Square Cabinet, inspired by soap bubbles, a glass sphere captured in its own wooden mold. The frame of this cabinet is made of wenge wood and the display bubble is done by Marc Barreda. The piec...

Unique Table with Integrated Birdcage [PHOTOS]

Designed by Gregoire de Lafforest, this unique table with integrated birdcage comes with a miniature tree gone through the table, that is an ideal choice for homeowners who love pets and also want to add a touch of personality and nature to their ...

Interesting 'Broken' Furniture Line by Lennart Van Uffelen

Lennart Van Uffelen has created a new line of "broken" furniture called Functionality Kills the Fun, including tables, dressers, bookcase, chairs and mirrors. These products are broken, spoilt or with cracks playing with the limits of functionalit...

Feel Like on The Beach with Adorable and Shabby Chic White Washed Furnitures

Whitewash is paint made with chalk and it's often used for making white washed furniture that not only add a vintage touch to any space, but can also make you feel like on the beach. In order to feel charming, you should check out these adorable a...

Jakob Gomez's Impressive GiBooth Chair

Designed by the talented designer Jakob Gomez, this GiBooth chair is provided by its cubic form that can give you much needed doze of privacy in public space, while still creating a sophisticated and impressive look. Check it out!

Unique Mobius for Becker Chair from Studio Schrofer

Designed by Studio Schrofer, this Mobius for Becker chair has unique design and the wood panels as used to shape the chair, that can create a feeling of warmth and impressive. The chair can be used for any modern space, like living room or home of...

Unique & Creative Bed Designs by Divan Beds Centre

If you are looking for a new bed for your sleeping space, these creative, unique bed designs by Divan Beds Centre would be great inspirations to style up the space.

Dazzling and Modern Evfyra Table by NUVIST

The talented Istanbul based design studio NUVIST has created the modern and eye-catching Evfyra table, featuring organic shape and bright colours, that will add some dynamic and feeling of life to your space. Table's two legs connect each other wi...

Sophisticated Chairs for Perfect Living Space

Whether it's the basement or the living room to the front porch, well-chosen chairs are not only bring comfort and relaxing feels but also can add charming appeal, a touch of whimsy and tons of inspirations.

Fabulous and Glamorous Tufted Furniture Designs

For those of you, who want to add some glamour to your home, you should check out these fabulous tufted furniture designs below. The following furnitures come with simple shapes, straight lines and elegant details, that can be incorporated in mode...

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