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Cool Batman Bat-Shaped Bookshelf Design

If you are a fan of Batman film, this very cool Batman bat-shaped bookshelf is an ideal choice for your own space. The creative piece is made of MDF, zinc and silver screws, and comes in two versions: classic Batman and The Dark Knight, which will...

Cute & Colorful Bookshelves for Kids' Rooms

Designing a perfect room for kids needs much creative, lovely and fun elements. And these kids' bedrooms look rather fun and cute with colorful bookshelves on walls where kids feel joy with their reading hobbies.

Quirky & Playful Bookshelf Ideas [PHOTOS]

Whether it's for daily needs or decorating purposes, these modern bookshelves in unique designs and vibrant colours may create a fresh and playful atmosphere in your office, study or living room.

Plastic Surgery-Inspired Armchair By Wamhouse

POPRAWIANY Armchair is weird creation by Polish design company Wamhouse. Inspired by plastic surgery, the unique leather armchair designed in shape of female body with the draw lines that determine where fat will be eliminated. It is also finished...

Creative Bookshelves with Amazingly Stylish Designs

Don't you think bookshelf is not impressive and eye-catching? Perhaps, you are wrong. Nowadays, many bookshelves turn out to be creative, unusual and may give you a big surprise. So, are you ready to say goodbye to your boring bookshelf? Check out...

Fusillo: Innovative Multi-functional Bookshelf

Fusillo is an innovative multi-functional bookshelf made of modular elements and wooden pieces. All the modules link turn around a central in order to provide support for the books. Not only is a bookshelf, this design can be transformed into a se...

Stylish Library Design Ideas For Modern Home

Home libraries are becoming an important and amazing part of house, especially since they are not just a place to store book, but can also look nice, attractive as a decoration. Discover these very stylish and creative library interiors in various...

Unique Bookshelves Spice Up the Intelligent Living Space

Forget all traditional & boring bookshelf designs, these unique & dreaming designs below would be the exotic ways to spice up your living with intelligent focal point for love of reading.

Incredible Bookshelf Designs for Joyful Home Library

Home library is the dreaming place to all book lovers. Bookshelves are always part of important things in each home library. These unique bookshelves and smart arrangements will be tons of inspiration to style up your home library that everyone ju...

Exciting Bookshelf Designs

The traditional bookshelves are quite boring. But with these modern, futuristic designs, your home decors & interior designs would be more exciting and enhaced with elegant, charming touches. Depending on the home styles, explore the glamorous des...

Enjoy Reading on "Bookworm" Bookcase+Seat Combo

Do you feel fascinated by the idea of literally being surrounded with your favourite books while reading or relaxing? Take a look at this cool and fresh bookcase design by Dutch company Atelier 010. Named "Bookworm", the innovative bookcase is mad...

Feel the Love of Books with Furturistic Bookcases

Bookcases are not only place to store your books and other stuff, they're amazing things for home decor. With these futuristic bookcase designs, you'll have another choices to decor your living space, more stylish & cooler.

Unique & Awesome Bookcase Ideas

Of you're finding something special to store your books, it's better to take a look on these unique yet funny bookcases below to get your ideas.

Sophisticated Bookcases for Home Makeup

Bookcases are not only place to put your books, magazines... They're also smart decor item to your home. And the modular bookcases are very flexible in beautify home causes you can place them everywhere you like, from wall to floors.


Joel Escalona Studio

You aren’t just genetics; the books you like, the music you have, the photos you store, are also pieces that define a very important part of your personal identity.

See-Saw Bookshelf

Every book tells its own story. Every book has its own weight. By playing with balance, the See-Saw bookshelf visualizes the breadth of our home libraries.

Elastic Bookshelf stretches the idea of storage

Usually changing the shape of a bookshelf means getting out the hammer and plywood. Not so the Elastic Bookshelf — this simple idea loops a stretchable belt around two pegs, providing plenty of possible configurations.

Thrill of the (book and stair) case

A small residential nest was blessed with this innovative and efficient interior treatment. London-based Levitate Architects dreamed up a staggered stair case cozily inhabited by the renters' impressive book collection--a magically literate ascens...

Bookshelf Cave Is Sort Of Neat, Needs Work

The Cave, from designer Sakura Adachi combines a bookshelf and a comfortable place to sit and read. Aimed at taking you back to your childhood when you used to make forts with stools and blankets, the thing is supposed to be a calming place to rel...

Equation Bookshelf for Estudio Breder

'Equation Bookshelf' is a simple idea of to divide things in priority order... put together the books that you need immediately or more important between (parentheses)! Set others between [square brackets] and {braces}.