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Wardrobes & Cupboards

Stylish Mid-Century Sideboard Designs That You Will Love

Mid-century furniture is not boring as many people think. With its original lines and shapes and contrasting, crazy colors, mid-century furniture can surprise you and add a touch of elegance to your living space. So, today we would like to introdu...

Creative & Charming Sideboard Designs

Sideboard is part of every furniture and always brings its owners the comfortable feels with stylish looks. Not only wood, other materials like metal, mirror, colorful plastic and even fabric or leather could be used as creative materials featurin...

Top 10 Weird and Extraordinary Cupboard Designs [PHOTOS]

A modern cupboard design may come in unexpected shapes, colours and functions that will not only create a personal elegant feel, but can also make a bold statement or an unusual focal point. Check out the top 10 most extraordinary and weirdest cup...

Style Up Bedrooms with Elegant Headboards

Headboards in variety of styles, materials and shapes are so essential to all bedrooms cause they not only add more storage space and comfortability but also style up spleeping space with elegant touch.

Cool & Chic Dressers for Walk-in Closet

The modern chic dressers are part of every walk-in closet, and make it more spacious and stylish. Check out these chic dressers and choose the best for your cool rooms.

Stylish Shoe Cabinets for Modern Homes

A shoe cabinet is an essential storage furniture, which helps keep the home clean and in order. Featuring various materials, subtle or vibrant colours and different designs, the following stylish cabinets offer wonderful shoe storage solutions for...

Futuristic Wardrobe Designs

These white wardrobes are in the futuristic designs that will enhance the modern looks and fresh feels to your home. The modern design of these wardrobes are the inspirational solutions for space-saving.

For Your Bedroom More Luxury with Sliding Door Wardrobes

Sliding doors seem the most favorite choice in all modern homes. And some of interior designers have created some minimalist but elegant wardrobes with this luxury style. Here are some standard suggestions for your bedroom:

Sophisticated Closets for Modern Bedrooms

Closet is not only a place to store outfits and accessories, why don't you smarten up this and make it a very special place in your home?

Add Elegance to your Bedroom with Wardrobe with Glass Door Design

This is the best option for those who want add some elegant look and larger feels to your room. Moreover, this is very convenient, causes you would save space for a large mirror.

10 Amazing Walk-In Closet Designs

If you have some space in your house and you need more room to store your clothing why not add a walk in closet. The amount of space available within a walk-in closet allows you freedom of creativity in organizing your storage space. Today, we wou...

Wardrobe Designs From Carre

If you are looking to design a wardrobe for yourself, this post might provide some inspiration. Today we feature wardrobe designs from a Barcelona based company named Carre. With special emphasis on sliding door wardrobes, Carre shows off its coll...

Wardrobe Furniture From MisuraEmme

Glossy, sleek and well crafted, there is an air of luxury about any of them.

NC Base Superschermo 100 cupboard system by Lodovico Acerbis

Wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy television and your home cinema at the same time without having to buy a cinema-sized flat TV? Yes, it would, and Lodovico Acerbis proves it’s quite easy to do so.

Quirky Contemporary Cupboard Design from Horm

With a style all of its own, this gorgeous contemporary cupboard from Horm is ideal for those who are looking for something entirely different. The eye catching cupboards provide lots of storage space whilst subtly adding to the stylish ambiance o...

Custom Closet System by Team 7 - walk-in Wardrobe for high-end homes

This amazing Custom Closet System is designed by Team 7 to put you right in the centre of things. If looking great is your priority, it certainly helps to be able to see all your clothes, and everything you need to dress with flair, all at once. T...

Ubik - Walk-In-Closet

Ubik offers an innovative organization for tydiness, with a wide range of containers and accessories dedicated to specific functions: trays, drawers with the front in wooden finish or glass, extractable shoe rack, trousers hanger, shirts tray. For...

Molteni&C Glissquattro Wardobe

A versatile wardrobe programme designed to guarantee maximum space exploitation. The system is based on units in six widths and four heights and a single depth and is completed with end and corner units. One wardrobe can combine three different op...