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Shelves & Storage Systems

Unusual Magic Boxes Shelving Made of Cork

Designed by Rui Pereira, this unusual Magic Boxes Shelving is made of totally cork, which is really great, lightweight, practical, functional and can be used perfectly for any space from a living room to a bathroom. Do you want to get it for your ...

Elegant, Practical Closet Designs

To many small space living, designing a practical yet elegant closet would be stunning effective ideas to refresh the space. Take a look at these exciting ideas and get the inspiration now!

Fabulous Storage & Closet Designs

A well-designed storage & closet system must be designed with functional furniture and nice arrangement is the most essential part in each home, and a dreaming place to its owners.

Stage Interactive Shelf: Functional Furniture Piece for Devices

The Stage Interactive Shelf bySpell Studio is a sleek slide-out shelf for unobtrusively charging mobile devices, with a table slot on top, padded compartment below for phones and tables and a 5-socket power strip. The materials used in this simple...

Stylish Wine Cellar & Storage Designs

To many rich people, owning a stylish storage with full of wine are essential to showcase their high level. There're wide range of wine storage and cellar ideas would give home interiors the charming and luxurious looks to cheer up the atmosphere.

Space-Saver in Bathroom with Stylish Shelf Design

Whether your bathroom is small or large, you should have a good storage in order to avoid clutter and organize your stuff in stylish way. Moreover, storages not only achieve a neat and well-kept bathroom, but can also add appeal to this intimate s...

Fun & Creative Bookshelves

These wall shelves with unique & creative designs are the most joyful and gorgeous ideas to rainbow up your boring walls and smart storage ideas to display your favorite books.

Unusual and Unique Wall Shelves with Creative Designs [PHOTOS]

Using wall shelf is not only a good choice to expand your storage space, but can also showcase your favourite display. For those of you, who are looking for an unusual wall shelf in order to dress up your entire walls, you should not miss the foll...

Beautiful and Cool Decorative Wooden Wall Shelves

Shelves are not only for storing things or organizing spaces, but can also be the statement decorations that can add some beauty and elegance to any entire room, while maintaining their usefulness. Get ready to catch the eyes of your guests and cr...

Build: 3-in-1 Creative Modular Shelving System

British designers Jack Godfrey Wood and Tom Ballhatchet have created an amazing modular shelving system, made of 100% recyclable and emission-free high-performance plastic foam. Designed for the furniture brand Movisi, 'Build' is a series of ident...

Amazing Modular Shelving System Designs by Jack Godfrey Wood and Tom Ballhatchet

Two British designers Jack Godfrey Wood and Tom Ballhatchet introduces a modern "Build" modular shelving designs as an exciting flextible interior solution. These collection includes a series of creative designs that are totally made from recyclab...

Statement Bookshelves for Modern Interior Designs by Mobilieffe & Mazzali

Bookshelves are rather essential to every modern interior designs causes they could be smart and effective item to every living space from living room to bedroom. Two Italian makers Mobilieffe & Mazzali unveiled the stylish bookshelves collection...

Top 6 Unique Drink Cabinets

Check out these extraordinary storage solutions for your bottles of spirits and liquors. The following statement pieces can create an eye-catching focal point in your living room or dining room area. Enjoy!

Chic Kitchen Storage Solutions

Outfit your kitchen with chic storage solutions will make this space look tidy, neat and stylish and of course you will be cooking in style in no time. Check out these very cool and seasonal storage solutions for your inspiration.

Unique and Creative DID Storage Designs

It's very untidy when looking DVD's sprawled all over your living room, family room or bedroom. But, if you don't want to store DVD in a standard case, you can check out the following unique and creative DVD storage design ideas. They can also add...

Unique Wall Shelf & Storage Designs

Wall shelf and cabinet designs are not only things to store and decor your stuffs, but with unique designs, they also could be consider as decorative items to boring walls and beautify up your home space.

Adding Storage Shelves for Modern Living Rooms

To many living rooms, adding a simpe yet modern storage shelf is rather essential to give them the spacious, elegant and styish looks. Check out these fresh living room designs below with attractive shelves below to get the ideas for cleaning up a...

Stylish Corner Wall Shelf Ideas

To expande the interior space and add more stylish touch as well, these gorgeous corner floating shelves are so essential to try on this time. With various designs featuring plenty of matertials from traditional woods to moder glass, these corner ...

Cool Garage Shelving Ideas

Whatever the size of your garage, the shelves are a great ideas to organize your garage in clean, neat and stylish way. For those of you, who are looking for something fresh to store the essentials and give garage a new cool look, you can check ou...

Creative and Out-of-the-box Bookshelf Designs [PHOTOS]

Have you ever thought about installing an innovative bookshelf with a unique design to spice up your interiors? Here is a selection of some really creative and unusual bookshelves from various designers, which may provide you with some inspiration...

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