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Top 5 Famous Designer Chairs of All Time

Here are top 5 famous chairs of all time that almost all of them were created many decades ago, and they are popular today to transform an ordinary space into glamour and impression. Check them out!

Create An Illusion of Flight with h220430's Dreany Balllon Chair

Have you ever thought about sitting on a chair and flying away with it? Now, you will have a chance to make your childish dream comes true with this Balloon Chair. Designed by h220430, this chair is a dreamy piece made of leather, steel and uretha...

Jakob Gomez's Impressive GiBooth Chair

Designed by the talented designer Jakob Gomez, this GiBooth chair is provided by its cubic form that can give you much needed doze of privacy in public space, while still creating a sophisticated and impressive look. Check it out!

Unique Mobius for Becker Chair from Studio Schrofer

Designed by Studio Schrofer, this Mobius for Becker chair has unique design and the wood panels as used to shape the chair, that can create a feeling of warmth and impressive. The chair can be used for any modern space, like living room or home of...

Sophisticated Chairs for Perfect Living Space

Whether it's the basement or the living room to the front porch, well-chosen chairs are not only bring comfort and relaxing feels but also can add charming appeal, a touch of whimsy and tons of inspirations.

Bertoia Presents Iconic Seating Collection

Bertoia has created an iconic and functional chair collection, which is made of metal frame and steel wire and can work well in any space, from dining room to outdoor and office. Will you try it in your own home?

Totally Awesome Chair Designs for Bedroom

With these totally awesome, cool and decorative chairs you will have an extra comfortable and beautiful seat in your own bedroom. Take a look and get the one that fits your taste and your room.

Bright and Vibrant Random8 Chair Design

Employees of French design studio Pitaya Design has created Random8 chair, which has a steel frame with inserted shaped parts made of Plexiglas with dichroic properties and vibrant color, creating a very attractive visual effect. This brightly ele...

Artistic Lathe Chair Collection by Sebastian Brajkovic

Young designer Sebastian Brajkovic introduces the incredible chair collection with series of artistic designs that would create awesome touches to every corner. These chairs are a wonderful mix of modern technology and classic pieces for the fanta...

Exotic Chair Designs

If you want to find a special furniture item to create a creative look to your home, these unique chairs made of cardboard, wood, glass and various kinds of fabrics would be great inspirations.

Exotic Peacock Chair Design by UUfie

The Peacock chair made by UUfie is a awesome mix of natural organic forms with the rigid structure inspired by the beauty of real peacock in fresh white to give every corner the charming, luxurious touches.

Le Corbusier: Iconic Chair Made of Recycled Materials

Made of recycled wood and sackcloth, this iconic Le Corbusier chair is really a classical piece useful for any modern interior and is also an ideal choice for fans of green designs or nice shabby chic space. Have a look!

Creative, Awesome Curved Chairs by Jean-Pierre Martz

Jean-Pierre Martz introduces the latest curved chair collection with three different subcategories – Tube, Ellipse and Galaxy. Each of types includes 2 or 4 different chair designs in many colors and plywood or metal constructions.

Awesome Mid-Century Chairs That You'll Love

Mid-century style generally describes mid-20th century development in modern design, architecture and urban development from roughly 1933 to 1965, and is gaining popularity due to its elegant, sophisticated and cheerful designs. The mid-century ch...

Colorful Chair Designs in Baroque Style by Vittorio Fuiano

The colorful chair collection from Vittorio Fuiano consists of various hand-painted pieces featured exotic with acrylic over wood, faux leather, fabric colors and Baroque-influenced styles.

Paper Planes: Luxurious Armchairs Adorned with Swarovski Crystals

The London-based designer duo Jonathan Levien and Nipa Doshi have collaborated for the launch of two beautiful armchairs adorned with Swarovski crystals, as seen at this year's Vienna Design Week event. Titled 'Paper Planes', these armchairs is th...

Extraordinary, Halloween Themed 'Ghost Chairs' by Drift Studio

Talented designers from Drift Studio has presented an extraordinary Halloween themed furniture design called 'Ghost Chairs'. These chairs are made of Plexiglas, which is transparent but rather strong material. The designers used 3D technology to s...

Stylish Eames Lounge Chairs That Are Perfect for Cats

Designed by Charles and Ray Eames, these extremely stylish Eames Lounge Chair designs not only add a touch of elegance to your luxury home, but can be also a very comfortable place for your cute cats. Check out more chairs on the image below.

Flexivle Chair by Design Edit That Can Get Any Shape

Design Edit has showcased an innovative Sissi chair design that you can change the shape of the chair as you want due to the materials like stress-resistant polyurethane foam on a metal frame used for the chair. This chair can be used as a backres...

Fun & Creative Chairs for Children's Rooms

These fun chairs in pops of colors and creative designs are so essential for any children's rooms.

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