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Zip-Up Chair by Kim In-bo

The Zip-Up Chair is a cool piece of furniture designed by Kim In-bo. This chair was intended for small apartments that demand functional furniture, but I can also see it in a mansion.

Knitted Jumper Chair by Bertjan Pot

Here’s a cool and twisted chair shape from Dutch designer Bertjan Pot. Exhibited during the major Milan events this year, “Jumper” was launched by British brand Established & Sons.

Ligne Roset Anneau Chair

Jaime Design Milk
Ligne Roset Anneau Chair

Anneau is a chair designed by Pierre Paulin from the 2010 Ligne Roset collection. It combines a simple ring base and a seat that seems to be floating.

The Kurven Chair by Cody Stonerock

Cody Stonerock, an Industrial Design student at the University of Cincinnati, was given 10 weeks to design and construct a chair, the result is the Kurven Chair seen here.

The Sexy And Relaxing Lounge Chair By Kamil Kurka

Lounge chairs are our best friend every time we wanted to relax and unwind. However, designer Kamil Kurka takes lounging unto the next level with his wonderful Relax Lounge Chair.

Fendi Casa Crystal Chair - a Modern Gem

The Fendi Casa Crystal chair is multi-faceted like a precious gem.

Slack Amphibious Lounger: Like a LoveSac for the Pool

Finally there’s a comfortable waterproof chair for the pool.

Rocking chair designed to look like abdominal muscles

This striking "Ruby" rocking chair from Pouyan Mokhtarani is modelled on human anatomy.

PRC: Hanging lounger and workstation too!

Introducing the new z7 line, the PID.Se store has introduced a multifunctional lounge that levitates the users above the ground.

Dancing Chair

Dancing Chair

A modern take on the rocking chair, Dancing Chair is composed of two pieces—a wooden shell and an upholstered seat.

High-tech aluminum easy chair adjusted by a cushion of air

Designer Frederic Sofia put together his 35H Relaxation Armchair with cast aluminum, adding high-tech pneumatic springs to coordinate the seat, back and headrest for ultimate comfort.

The Segmented Chair

The Segmented Chair

This comfortable lounge chair is made from 17 extra soft foam cushions upholstered in red fleece. It has two spines covered in black fleece which keep the segments separated.

Sit Down and Relax

Yanko Design
Sit Down and Relax

Mention rocking chairs and thoughts of summer evenings on the porch and cold Mint Juleps might come to mind. This rocking chair and loveseat from Wilson Scott, however, throws together polyurethane mesh, a cutout spherical shell and curved steel ...

Smile Chair by BBB

Home Design Find
Smile Chair by BBB

BBB has been around for over 50 years creating original trendsetting furniture designs for home and office.

New Diva Chair collection from Colico Design - a chair with strong presence

Like their namesakes, the gorgeous chairs in the new Diva Chair collection from Colico Design simply demand attention. You can’t help but notice their bold, bright, leggy forms! The Diva’s eye-catching, circular construction is truly groundbreakin...

A New Dimension in Bathing: Ceramica Flaminia’s new Leggera Bathtub

The new Leggera bathtub from Ceramica Flaminia is a design that will arouse curiosity in all who see it. Resembling a crisp white cloth held taut by four invisible hands, the Leggera stretches out invitingly… the vision of designer Gilda Borgnini.

Lily Lace Chair

The Lily Lace chair is a unique sculptural piece exploring the versatility of lace while highlighting the commonalities between its soft alluring texture and the delicate yet sensual form of the calla lily.

Cube 6 by Naho Matsuno

Milan 08: Cube 6 by designer Naho Matsuno turns from a cube into six stools and back again.

Couches for contortionists: the Tête-à-tête collection

Any one of these couches from the Tête-à-tête (or "head-to-head") collection by Soma Sofa will have your company scratching their heads about just how to sit on them. Just take a look at the Flamenco above, which looks like someone tied a sofa int...

Modern Rocking Chair

An eye-catching almost futuristic interpretation of the classic rocking chair. A modern, dynamic piece of furniture built for comfort and which accommodates a variety of sitting positions.

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