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Sofas, Sofa Beds, Easy Chairs

Innovative and Modern Keyboard Sofa [PHOTOS]

Enjoy some amazing photos of this creative sofa by ZO-loft that it looks like an oversized computer keyboard. Making out of soft keys, the eye-catching sofa is not only used as a comfortable bed, but can be also placed in modern home or the intern...

Colorful Escapade Sofa Designs by Zeno Nugari

Zeno Nugari presents the latest Escapade Sofa in pops of colors and sleek designs that would ensure for the most comfortable feels and charming looks for both indoors and outdoors.

Minimalist and Statement Zeppelin Sofa Inspired by Iconic Airships [PHOTOS]

Designer Alexsandr Mukomelov has created an original Zeppelin sofa inspired by Ferdinand von Zeppelin's iconic airships, a type of rigid airship pioneered in the early 20th century. The stunning piece features minimalist style, soft fabric and sop...

Colorful and Unusual Patchwork Moon Sofa

Designed by Gatis Jansons, this unusual Moon sofa is made from recycled materials like wood and fabric. The design is also made in patchwork and uses colorful fabrics that will surely make a wonderful, fresh and bright accent in any modern, rustic...

Amazing Heart-Shaped Sofa by Kati Meyer-Bruhl

If you want to create an amazing touch to your living room, the following Jo Sofa with heart-shaped look designed by Kati Meyer-Bruhl is the most wonderful idea.

Heart-Shaped Jo Sofa by Bruhl

Designed by Kati Meyer-Bruhl, this intriguing Jo Sofa can be shaped like a heart, and you can pull the heart shape wide open in order to fit any space. Coming in navy cotton with white leather piping, the Jo Sofa is an awesome way to add a bit of ...

Stylishly Chic Leather Sofa Designs [PHOTOS]

The leather sofa not only has the capacity to meld itself seamlessly into its surroundings, but it can also create a warm and chic atmosphere to your living space. Take a look at these stylish and well-chosen sofas and choose the one that is most ...

Pretty and Elegant Mid-Century Sofa Designs

One of the most popular trends in interior designs is mid-century modern style with its elegant and simple feel. And a mid-century sofa could be an ideal choice for any interior from a modern one to a Scandinavian, and can add a bit of style to li...

Brighten Up Your Living Room with Colored Sofas

These colorful sofas in various modern designs would be awesome ideas to brighten up the living room.

Unusual and Unique Chairs with Fun Characters

Have you ever thought chairs could resemble a fun character or a face on it? Inn modern life, many furniture pieces turn out to be unusual and dressing up based on various personality, religions and just season, they may add an unique and special ...

Stylish Sofas with Creative Designs [PHOTOS]

Sofa is a necessary furniture in every modern living room and it can be served for many purposes like a bed, a table and so on. Moreover, a sofa should have a personality, so many interior designers showcase many ideas for any taste today. From a ...

Simple Elegant Suita Sofa by Antonio Citterio

The elegant sofa design by Antonio Citterio presents many simple yet comfortable designs in soft hues to ensure for the elegant looks wi relaxed feels to every home owners.

Better Sleep with Comfortable Floating Beds

Have you ever thought about floating in the air with an unusual hanging bed? It is so fun to provide you a better sleep, health benefits and the feeling of floating. Forget the normal beds, try to choose a stylish yet comfortable floating bed from...

Heavenly Cirrus Sofa by Dizajno

Designed by Dizajno, this amazing Cirrus sofa is a very soft, comfortable piece of seating furniture that looks like a real-life cloud, making you feel in state of heavenly relaxation.

Modern Leather Sofas for Elengant Living Rooms

Leather sofas are not just for classic interiors only. They are all about for various living room styles, including chic ones. These stylish, modern leather sofa designs that will luxe up your living rooms or give them the elegant feels from their...

Modern Sofa Collection by B&B Italia

B&B Italia, the popular furniture suppliers, just launches its latest sofa collection with wide range of vibrant colors & modern designs. No matter what your living room's styles is, you can easily find one that could luxe up your home and give yo...

Style Up Living Room with Cool Sectional Sofas

Check out these beautiful yet elegant sectional sofa designs to refresh your living room and give it the more luxurious yet charming looks.

Exciting Red & Yellow Sofas to Cheer Up Living Rooms

With the bright & hot tones like red & yellow, the boring & simple living room would be much funnier & cooler.

Tillary Sofa - Must-Have Item Long Day Lazy

The Tillary sofa is very beautiful & nice to place by the pool or hide under some shade to enjoy the summer day. Created from solid eco-friendly wood that is friend to nature will be the best choice to make your outdoor more meaningful and enjoyable.

Unique, Stylish Living Room Furniture by Vig Furniture

Vig Furniture has just launched a new furniture collection for those want to bring elegance and style into their living room, but dare to stand out from the crowd. The pieces of the collection come in 2 main hues: black & white or red & white - al...

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