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Rugs & Carpet Tour for Stylish Home

If you want to add more luxury and warming to your interior, you'd try these stylish rugs & carpets. They're part of your hoem and in some ways, they can mix with the furniture for a harmony home decoration.

Stylish & Cool Rugs for Modern Home

Rugs will add more luxury looks to your home. So, why don't you use some colored and unusual rugs design to take their funny and friendly effects? Here are some cool ideas for your home:

Rugs & Wallpapers from Element

Element is new brand from Belma Kapetanovic, an interior product designer with the office in London. Let see how does she do with the idea from the made-to-order hand-tufted wool rugs and digitally printed wallpaper.

Colorful Rugs for Your Home More Luxurious

With these stylish rugs, your home will be more luxurious but still funny. They are in unique and special designs will add more elegant looks for a modern home.

Choose the best fabric for your bed

The bed is the most important in your bedroom, that's why you should choose not only the best bed but you should choose the best kind of fabric for your bed also for your deep sleeping.

Window Curtains: The Best Solutions for Home Privacy

Window curtains are the most and best treatment for home decoration, especially in living room. They'll add more privacy to your home and project the interior out of the sunlight. Moreover, they also add more luxury, elegant and stylish looks to y...

Add More Private & Luxury to Home with Striped Curtains

To add more private but still luxury and stylish, most of home designers choose curtain for that important mission. There're variety of kinds as well as colors to choose depending on your home style. Today, we showcase you some beautiful and delux...

Stylish Rugs for Modern Home

Another perfect decoration idea for wooden floor in every home is using rugs. There're many ideas and stylish rugs for your home depending on your taste and spaces.

Change the look of the room with curtains

Decorate your room with these luxury curtains and drapes by Pinella to have a more beautiful room.

Beautiful Rugs for your house

There are some beautiful rugs that you can choose for your house to keep it's style.

Carpets for your home

Beautiful carpets and different styles for you to choose for your house. With a Painterly Touch, they are really exciting for your home.

Brighten up your room with floral rugs

These colourful floral rugs will brighten up your room any time of the year. Seen in

Bright Multi Colored Rugs by Miinu

Although new on the home decor scene, Miinu is already making its mark with the bright multi colored rugs of its kick-off series – the Industrial Collection.

Rugs by Top Floor

Design Shell
Rugs by Top Floor

Add shape to your room with three dimensional rugs from Top Floor, including the lace-like Ethereal.

Ultra Modern Rugs by Toulemonde Bochart - Paris 1919

We love these ultra modern rugs by French company Toulemonde Bochart.

WANT: A Womapa-Skin Rug Just Like The One Luke Makes Love On In Front Of A Fire

Available for pre-order now, this $100 Wompa-skin rug is just like the one Luke Skywalker beds (or rugs) alien chicks on at his ski chalet on Hoth.

Chinese Silk / Tibetan Wool Rugs - Luxury Rugs by New Moon

Just because you walk on the floor doesn’t mean it can’t look its best. These stunning Chinese silk and Tibetan wool combination rugs are art you can walk on!

Low, Layered Textiles

Apartment Therapy
Low, Layered Textiles

The other day we wrote about low furniture and the way it can emphasize height in a small space.

Nook Sleep Systems

Jaime Design Milk
Nook Sleep Systems

72andsunny’s Venture Creativity division has launched a new company, Nook Sleep Systems, whose first product is an eco-friendly infant mattress called the Pebble.

The Deal: IndiB eco-friendly wool rugs half off at

Architect and interior designer Beatrice Girelli's foray into product design began in 2006 when, after creating a collection of custom hand-tufted cut-and-loop rugs for a project, she launched the IndiB rug collection.

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