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Mirrors & Clocks

Stunning Wall Clocks with Creative Design

Nowadays, wall clock is not only used to keep track of time, but also become a statement focal point in the room that suit your personal style and taste. Get ready to add a touch of impression and eye-catchy to your wall decor with the following c...

Fabulous Wall Clocks in Unique Designs

These attractive, unique wall clocks in variety of designs from classic to modern twists are always the focal points to every interior & home decor. The unique designs take inspirations from Diamanti & Domeniconi that include butterfly wall clock,...

Unique, Wooden Cuckoo Clock Designs by Alexander Taron Designer for Engs

The Germany manufacturer Engs teamed up with Alexander Taron, a Californian-based company to release a unique, wooden Cuckoo Clock collection in classic inspirations and precious wooden materials that would luxe up all home interiors.

Mesmerizing Mirrors with Creative Designs by Benjamin Graindorge

Designed by Benjamin Graindorge, the following creative Mirage Mirror collection is both a wall decor item and a mirror. Featuring rounded edges, incredible designs, various shapes, different sizes depicting vague heavy clouds, these mirrors look ...

Unusual and Artistic Venice Mirror By Boca Do Lobo

Inspired by classical architecture and framed in reflective foral details, the Portuguese company Boca Do Lobo creates an unusual yet artistic Venice mirror measured 84 inches, which is not only used as a looking glass, but can be also placed in t...

Stylish Mirror Collection by Riflessi

Mirrors always play important role in every house. These stylish mirror designs in the latest collection by Italian-based company, Riflessi, will provide every corner not only the stunning must-have furniture, but also the beautiful decor items to...

Romantic French Mirrors

French mirrors with antique details seem the gorgeous ways to enhance your home with classic & romantic atmosphere. However, these French decors will express their best beauty & spirit in traditional houses, but the artistic feels to modern ones a...

Most Creative Wall Clocks

Here some of the most creative wall clocks designed in abstract concept that could makeup your home decor, more artistic and funnier.

Artistic Desk & Table Clocks

With the development of hi-tech, clocks are not simple time displays anymore, they have been sticked with artistic ideas for the very unique & beautiful timepieces ever. And this is the collection of many stylish desk & table clocks you should con...

Unusual and Fun, Sunglasses-Shaped Wall Mirror by Thabto

'Looking Good' is a funky and cool wall mirror, designed by British company Thabto. This unusual mirror looks like a pair of classic Ray Bay "Wayfarer" sunglasses with two mirrors to share. Made in England, the decorative item will be available in...

Super Creative Mirror Designs Coolen Your Home

Mirrors are part of stylish decoration in each house. Check out these creative & super crazy mirror designs below to coolen up your hoem style that everyone would surprise.

Home Decorating with Art Mirrors

Using mirror in wall decor means you will get lot of benefits from them. Your home not only looks brighter and larger, but also gets the stylish and elegant looks depending on the mirror's styles. And here are soem of the artistic mirrors that wil...

Creepy Eye Clock by Vitra

This retro-style wall clock will bring back the vintage feeling to your home. Thanks to its unique design, everybody present will always feel "followed by an eye". This creative clock was designed by George Nelson for the company 'Vitra European'.

Luxury Up Home Styles with Mirrors

From long time ago, people has used mirrors as the neccessary furniture. The mirror is not just inanimate object and piece of furniture. It participates in the life and power sharing within the home, so the choice of location for the mirror and me...

Table Setting Ideas for a Joyful Christmas

Christmas is some day away. Hurry up! Let's decorate your home to welcome this joyful holiday with family and friends. And don't forget prepare a festive table for XMas party.

Brilliant XMas Decoration with Candles

XMas is coming from every where with many decorations around the world with joy and funny breaths. This holiday, forget the light and replace by a candles one for new festive feelings! Today, we showcase some ideas for a special Christmas with can...

Decorative Mirrors Inspired by Tetris Game from Fiam Italia

A unique and interesting Tetris shaped set of modular glass mirrors, giving you the flexibility of arrangement.

Competition: four Ora (il)Legale clocks by Denis Guidone to be won

We’ve teamed up with Milan designer Denis Guidone to offer our readers the chance to win an Ora (il)Legale clock.

Original Wall Clocks Made From Vinyl Records

When useless objects meet creative ideas, spectacular designs can be achieved. We don’t know about you guys, but these original wall clocks definitely got our attention.

Old Phone Clock Design, Milan 2010

Well, for the ones who don’t, this is what we used to use in the 20 th century :) This idea we saw at Milan was the only one to bring as back in time, as every other design reflected opulence and modernity.