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Zanocchi & Starke's Modern Ludovica Light

Designed by Italian duo Zanocchi & Starke, this Ludovica light has two-part design including a red aluminum frame and a removable luminous element in white plastic, which will perfect for reading and keeping books in style. powered by LEDs and a U...

Make A Statement with e15 Lighting Collection and Functional Accessories

German label e15 debuts its new collection of three lighting products by German designer Jörg Schellmann and a line of elegantly functional accessories for dining and living. Containing of five distinct lighting families, the e15 pieces features e...

Marvelous Lamps with Stunning Design

For those of you, who want to find a marvelous lamp to spice up your living space, you should not miss the collection of 11 stunning and dazzling lamp designs. Have a look!

Cozy and Soothing Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Bedroom light is the important elements in order to bring a soothing, calming ambience with warm atmosphere to the room, and the following cozy bedroom lighting ideas will be the right choice to make the space feel brighter, warmer and more inviti...

Lesson: Ultra-Modern Lamp by Simona Sacchi

Designed by Italian designer Simona Sacchi, this ultra-modern Lesson lamp takes advantage of the overlapping systems of its black metal bases to hide its LED light in order to create an impressive look. Check out this lamp in the images below.

Ledwork: Mesmerizing and Modular Light

Have a look at this mesmerizing and highly tangible autonomous light that forms a swarm of light in which patterns constantly emerge. Titled Ledwork, this modular light can add a touch of uniqueness and impression to any space. Enjoy!

Bulbing: Optical Illusion 2D Led Lamp by Studio Cheha

By using 3D wire-frame images and transferring them onto 2D materials, this innovative Bulbing LED lamp by Studio Cheha consists of wooden base and acrylic glass changable top with the element of optical illusion that can surprise you at the first...

Astounding MCE Lamps by Note Design Studio in Collaboration with PER/USE

Stockholm-based Note Design had teamed up with Belgian design brand Per/Use for creating the astounding MCE lamps inspired by the mathematical illustrations and optical illusions by M.C.Escher and Oscar Reuterswärd. The lamps have the wooden frame...

Super Cool and Entertaining Retro Style Lamp Designs [PHOTOS]

For those person, who is a vintage home decoration enthusiast, you should not miss these super cool and entertaining retro style lamp designs. These lamps mostly come from the mid-century period, and features both industrial and modern designs equ...

Fabulous Lighting Designs Inspired by Nature Beauty

These awesome lighting fixtures look so charming and exotic by its designs inspired by the nature beauty. The ideal lights are the perfect mix of modern designs and natural looks.

Top 7 Unusual and Magical Lamps with Shadows

Take a look at top 7 unusual lamps with shadows from various designers that not only create the unexpected visual effects but can also immerse you in a magical space. Enjoy!

Sparkling Light Effects by Cariitti Oy

Cariitti Oy introduces the brilliant home décor with gorgeous light effects to glam up every corner. The lighting is the perfect mix of cold light and crystals results in the reflection on the ceiling of a multitude of icy lights.

Elegant Swarm Lamp by Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau

Designed by Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau, this Swarm lamp looks like a light-bug shining from the grass that can fly hovering between the floor and the ceiling. Thanks to its graceful design, Scandinavian touch and sculptured pattern of entwined f...

Beautiful DIY Lighting Designs for Backyard

Take a look at these DIY fabulous lighting designs that can transform your entire backyard into a magical and beautiful space where you can relax and entertain your guests this sunny season. Enjoy!

Green, Yellow and Red Traffic Lights

Have a look at some images of this beautiful traffic lights, as lensed by talented German photographer Lucas Zimmermann. The light comes in green, yellow and red color, that can create a mesmerizing and attractive effect at night.

Unique Industrial Floor Lamp Designs

Made from vintage industrial elements, the following totally unique floor lamps not only pop in any room, but can also bring a graceful industrial character to the living space. Have a look at what we have gathered industrial floor lamps below and...

Edmondo Testaguzza x Karman for Beautiful 'My Love' Lamp Collection

Italian designer Edmondo Testaguzza and Italian manufacturer Karman for creating 'My Love' collection of beautiful pendant lights with minimalist style. These lamps are made from lacquered brass that can add a touch of modernity and personality to...

Jake Phipps Collaborates With BOSA for Bird Cage Shaped 'Tweetie' Lamp

Jake Phipps has teamed with BOSA for creating a lamp system called Tweetie for manufacturer CASAMANIA, which is shaped like the bird cage. The birds are made in BOSA hand-decorated ceramics, black painted or 24 carats gold plated, the cage is made...

Amazing Skyline Lamps Inspired By The Stockholm Suburbs

This Skyline lamp series is inspired by the concrete buildings of a Stockholm suburb, and comes in black and white, made from powder-coated aluminum and brass, which will be a perfect accessory for a modern or mid-century modern interior. These la...

Brilliant Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Gardens

Many people like to enjoy a peaceful moment right at there gardens after long day working. So, take a look at these beautiful garden designs below and get the ideas to lighten up your outdoors.

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