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Building & Renovation

Lively and Awesome Wall Murals [PHOTOS]

Perhaps, wall murals are an ideal choice to make a stylish change into your home. If your favorite city is Paris, you should use a panoramic view of Paris as decor for living room, or add lemon wall mural and water bubbles wall mural to the kitche...

Creative and Unique DIY Wall Art Decor Ideas

For those of you, who want to make some interesting changes at home and want to make your living space refreshed and unique, you should not miss these creative DIY wall art decoration inspirations. Have fun!

Eye-Catching Front Doors with Pops of Colors

Due to the front gate is the very first place to give eye-catching and stunning impression to all people, it's essential to paint it with bright, bold colors. And here are some cool ideas for your new home looks.

Style Up Your Home with Unique Sinks

These exotic sinks featured with unique & creative designs with amazing high-techs and from different materials would give an eye of luxurious and breathtaking touches to refresh every home.

Eye-catching Geometric Wallpapers By Rachel Parker

Rachel Parker has created her eye-catching wallpapers in geometric prints for CAMAC's 2013 Design Competition. Inspired by the formalised structure found in the work of well-known architect and designer Augustus Pugin, these wallpapers combine the...

Cozy Whitewashed Wooden Floor Design Inspirations

Whitewashed wooden floors remind something beach-inspired, quiet, peaceful, rustic, shabby chic, and can fit every room like kid's room, kitchen or living room, bringing a relaxing feeling and cozy atmosphere. Enjoy some photos of awesome whitewas...

Stylish Closet Door Designs [PHOTOS]

Featuring mirrored door to sliding door, folding door, barn door or even wallpaper door, here are some stylish closet door designs that not only change the decor of the room but can also give the space a fresh and cozy look. Enjoy!

Relaxed and Calming Whitewashed Wooden Walls [PHOTOS]

Whitewashed walls always bring the shabby chic touch and amazing atmosphere to any space, from bedroom to kid's room, bathroom or hallway. Moreover, the whitewashed walls can create a perfect beach house while adding some rustic feel. Check out th...

Dakota: Ceramic Wood-Look Tile by Flaviker

Flaviker has presented an amazing ceramic wood-like with the aesthetic qualities named Dakota that is not only really easy to keep clean, but can also give your room, especially bathroom a real natural look. Check it out!

The Stunning Appeal of Checkerboard Floors [PHOTOS]

A checkerboard floors have the power to breathe life into any space, from kitchen to living room or even hallway. And of course, the appeal of checkerboard floors can also add charm and classic touch to your boring house. Check out these stunning ...

Elegant Bathroom Designs Decorated with Striped Pattern Tiles

Choosing right colour and your desirable pattern with stripes, your boring bathroom will turn into an amazing and cozy spot for everyday relaxation. Here are some elegant bathroom designs decorated with striped pattern tiles that will steal your h...

Ingenious Staircase Railing Designs in Unusual Materials

A beautiful staircase with unique railing design could be the star of any home while making a big impressive and statement. Now scroll down the list of ingenious staircase railing in unusual materials and tell us which one you would like to have i...

Cute & Modern Nursery Room Designs

These nursery room designs in pops of colors and cute decorating ideas is the very first space to welcome the kids with fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Dress Up Entire Area with Mosaic Tiles

Instead of having simple tiles on your home's walls and floors, you can cover any entire area with mosaic tiles. Check out these great ideas on how to use mosaic tiles around indoors and outdoors, that make your living space look more beautiful an...

Glorious and Sizzling Sparkle Wall Ideas

With the help of sparkly walls, your home will look more statement, chic and mesmerizing. For those of you, who love to put sparkly tiles in your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen, you should check out these glorious sparkle wall ideas below.

Artistic and Coolest Watercolor Wall Designs

Watercolor wall can be the right choice for your home beautification because it looks very stylish, fabulous and chic that can add a touch of fashion and drama to any room. If you are a person who love artistic style, you should not miss these ver...

Minjjoo's Small Door for Children

Designed by Minjjoo, this small door comes with a lock and a door handle, which will let your kids access easily to their own bedroom and also prepare them for the adult world. Moreover, the door is painted with chalkboard paint and the children c...

Great Ways To Incorporate Ceiling Beams in Style

Exposed ceiling beams are really interesting architectural feature that can enhance the whole look and feel of any space. If you want to incorporate ceiling beams into your style, you should check out these great ways below.

Eye-catching Multi-Color Tiled Bathroom Designs

How do you think about a multi-colored bathroom? It will looks so beautiful and can refresh your boring bathroom with stunning view. If you don't want too many colors, you can attach the tiles just in the shower, a mosaic above the sinks or the fl...

World's Top 10 Curved Roof Buildings

Rooftop is one of its main features that has the power to change the whole look of any building or house. Enjoy the photos of top 10 curved roof buildings from around the world after the jump.

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