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Stylish Closet Door Designs [PHOTOS]

Featuring mirrored door to sliding door, folding door, barn door or even wallpaper door, here are some stylish closet door designs that not only change the decor of the room but can also give the space a fresh and cozy look. Enjoy!

Minjjoo's Small Door for Children

Designed by Minjjoo, this small door comes with a lock and a door handle, which will let your kids access easily to their own bedroom and also prepare them for the adult world. Moreover, the door is painted with chalkboard paint and the children c...

Customize Your Entryway with Stylish Pivot Door Designs

Pivot doors are extremely dramatic and modern choice for your home interior if you want to impress your guests or to increase your entryway. Take a look at these very stylish and stunning pivot door designs for your inspiration.

Exquisite and Elegant Double Door Design Ideas [PHOTOS]

Double doors are great and conventional design idea that not only allow for a wider opening into space but can also retain a sense of style and elegance. The interior double doors can be made with a variety of materials like wood, glass, veneer or...

Impressive Summery Front Doors. [PHOTOS]

Front doors is the first impression on guests and visitors to your home, so why don’t we thing to refresh your front door look. You can add the totally new painting, some attractive decoration or even change into another stylish shapes. Take a loo...

Bold Statement Front Door Designs

Nowadays, a statement-color front door has the power to add some style and personality to a home's facade. Moreover, it is also a fun and simple way to update your outdoor for this warm summer. Check out the following bold inspiring front doors in...

Beautiful, Color-Blocking Wall Decals

A lot of home owners prefer their walls in white or neutral colour, but some people think that a colourful wall would be less boring. And how about you? Do you choose your blank walls in color blocking way? In my opinion, should make the walls mor...

Stylish Contemporary Door Designs [PHOTOS]

A door is one of the basic structures of a home, which you can use to express your personal style and enhance and complement the interior design. Being an important design element, a well-chosen door can achieve as big statement as furniture. Here...

Modern and Impressive Door Design Ideas

A door always plays an important role in each home, but with a touch of creativity, you can transform these practical and functional structural elements into modern and decorative entries. Take a look at some really beautiful door designs for insp...

Tonin Leather Door And Window Frames

Leather is an unusual choice of material when it comes to door or window frames, however Italian company Tonin is using it with great panache.

Door Designs With Punchy Colors and Fun Graphics

Here is a set of colorful door designs as featured in the Sensunels door collection from Dibi Group. Designed by Karim Rashid, the doors manage to create an amazing interior effect, hard to match but easy to complement by the furniture arrangement...

Window Treatment Ideas

Jennifer Jackson Country Living
Window Treatment Ideas

A new set of curtains gives any old room a fresh look. From plantation shutters to easy DIY draperies, find inspiration for updating your decor.

Luxury Front Door Decorative Hardware by Martin Pierce

The front door/entrance door decorating can make a great first impression whether someone visit on your homes and opening the doors.

Window Treatment Ideas

Country Living
Window Treatment Ideas

A new set of curtains gives any old room a fresh look. From plantation shutters to easy DIY draperies, find inspiration for updating your decor.

Glass Screens Versus Glass Doors

Luxury Housing Trends
Glass Screens Versus Glass Doors

Movable translucent or glazed glass screens can open the space of a room in an instant. If you live in a ranch style home, folding screens can transform the way a room looks and feels. Most importantly, they can serve as dividers, so you can get m...

Modern Doors by Karim Rashid from Albed

If you are searching for a door with a difference, look no further than these smashing modern doors by Karim Rashid from Albed.

Tekno collection of interior / exterior doors from Oikos

The co-ordinate realizations often introduce shapes or not homogenous dimensions. The flexibility of the use of the Oikos armored door is exalted by these occasion: Oikos not lost neither the quality of the esthetical and technical chooses nor the...

Elivision fits 17-inch LCD display onto a door

LCDs are steadily fading away in the shadow of the plasmas and the AMOLED displays, but still some loyalists are trying their level best to keep the LCDs knocking at your door, some way or the other.

Ergon by Venetian Celegon, Trendy Two-way Door

Space is such a premium in modern homes and tiny studio apartments that even a single square meter of area can make a huge difference.

Etched Glass Interior Doors Increase Light in Your Home

Wood interior doors are pretty common, but they don’t do a good job (or any kind of job at all) at letting light flow through when the door is shut. For interior rooms without a lot of windows, or homes surrounded by trees that block out a lot of ...