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Impressive Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Bedroom is the most leisure place in each home. Each piece in the room shoyld be perfect to welcome the relaxing feelings. Here are an array of impressive wall decor ideas that will offer the most artistic & luxury looks to your room.

Glassdecor's Glass Tiles for Excing Pool

Have you ever though about any cool ideas to makeup your pool? Let take a look on these mosaic glass tiles from Glassdecor. There are various tiles ideas for you to refresh the pool that suits to your style, from oriental ornaments, flowers, carto...

Beautiful Wallpaper Idea for Hallways

Hallway is just a small place but this's the very first place to impress your guests. So, it's very important to makeup this place and turn it into awesome with these beautiful wallpaper ideas.

Home Makeover with Beautiful Wallpapers

Would you like to refresh your home with an innovative look? Here, with these beautiful wallpapers designs, it's easy to makeover your home and very friend with your budget.

Beautiful Wall Decor Ideas for Nursery Rooms

Here are some of many beautiful wall decors that will make up the nursery rooms and give your babies the chance to develop their mind from the very first time of their life.

Retro Modern Wallpaper Delight From Graham and Brown

Today we will marvel over the trendy pops of color and bold whimsical patterns infused into and inspired by our contemporary lifestyle. These wallpaper designers have no easy job and pay close attention to contemporary trends to create some smokin...

Home Decor Vinyl Stickers by ARTSTICK

These customized wall stickers by ARTSTICK are some proper examples you should really check out if you want to add a special excitement into your living space wall in no time.

Coin Bank makes saving money an artform

Most change banks just sit on your desk or dresser looking unattractive. They certainly don't stan on their own as unique pieces of furniture. This Coin Bank does, however.

Swell Vases by Anika Engelbrecht

German design student Anika Engelbrecht has created the Swell Vases. When the inserted balloon is filled with water, they bulge out in a variety of shapes.

The Hula Hoop Vase

The Hula Hoop Vase

The Hula Hoop Vase is a series of stackable disks, which when at half it’s height surrounds the wine bottle to become a winecooler.

Bavaria by Studio Job

Bavaria is the latest collection by Studio Job and will be unveiled by Moss next week at Design Miami.

Harmonie-intérieure Home Decor

Toshi Jones Neu Black
Harmonie-intérieure Home Decor

We are no stranger to wall applique, in recent years the medium has exploded with mostly contemporary designs which would compliment only the most modern spaces. French based design workshop Harmonie-intérieure has approached interior decor with a...

Corner frames

Spotted by Normann Copenhagen
Corner frames

Have you ever wanted to see the artwork from more than one side OR is your artwork to large for your wall?

The Elements of Tropical Interior Design

Interior Design Inspiration
The Elements of Tropical Interior Design

Many people like to use tropical interior design ideas to brighten up their homes and places of work. Some people have tropical interior design posters on the walls of their office and others even have an aquarium with tropical fish on their desk....

Wallter Teardrops wall applications

When it comes to hanging art on my walls, I am the worst. I have row after row of nail holes from fruitlessly searching for studs, and then I have to cover those with spackle and paint or another poorly-hung, really large piece of art. Recently, I...

Music Music Music Hand Painted Oil Painting

Music, Music, Music is the name of this hand painted oil painting. Bright colors and geometric shapes make this painting a classic modern art painting. Image size is 48 x 36. Outer frame size is 2.75 x 54 x 42.

A Passion for Art

Sally Kline Home & Design
Eric Kole relaxes on the steps of his Logan Circle penthouse beneath Absolut DC, a lithograph made for the vodka purveyor by Judy Brown

Eric Kole, co-owner of Vastu, fills his Logan Circle penthouse with a vibrant collection of modern paintings and sculpture

Art Immersion

Judith Turner-Yamamoto Home & Design
Architect George Stavropoulos replaced the traditional square stairway in the foyer with an innovative staircase that forms a gracious sculptural arc in glass and chrome.

Architect George Stavropoulos reapportions his client's Georgetown penthouse to showcase her growing collection of art, books and artifacts

Frames That Do No Harm

Frames That Do No Harm

Q. How do you hang pictures on a brick wall without drilling holes in the brick?

Life Becomes Art: DNA 11 Introduces Personalized Artwork from Fingerprint Images

MIAMI, FL — DNA 11, the creators of nationally-acclaimed DNA artwork, are proud to announce an innovative, second-generation product of fingerprint art. These custom-made, digital works of art capture the essence of the client by creating a person...