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Wall Structure & Ceilings

Stylish Ways To Decorate Slanted Ceilings

Slanted ceiling can be tricky to decorate, but with these great tips below will help you to make the experience of making your slanted ceilings stand out, stylish and create a perfect effect to the whole of your home.

Top 10 Alternatives for Plain White Ceiling

Bored with plain white ceilings? Explore top 10 ceiling alternatives that you can consider to transform your plain white ceiling into an eye-catching focal point, and make your house look really stand out.

Stand-Out Ceiling Design Ideas [PHOTOS]

From rustic through to contemporary and modern style, the following outstanding, appropriate and appealing ceiling designs will surely spice up your entire room and also make a big statement to your space. Have a look!

Trend Alert: Visually Striking Tie Dye Walls [PHOTOS]

Thanks to their bold and striking visual effect, tie dye walls are considered one of the trendiest and most stylish option to revamp your interiors. The followings are some of the boldest and impressive tie dye wall designs that are fun and exciti...

Top 10 Modern Wall Dividers for Bedroom

Nowadays, more and more people live in small apartments, so dividing a room is always a difficult and tricky task. A wall divider is a great tool to partition a room in order to create privacy as well as to make a statement. Moreover, many can ser...

Most Colourful Floor Designs [PHOTOS]

Thanks to the courtesy of the former musician Jim Lambie, we have a chance to enjoy the photos of most colourful floor designs and get ideas on how to get creative to fill any room of your own home with energy. Take a look!

8 Stunning Ceiling Decoration Ideas

Ceiling is one of the basic elements, which can totally define the atmosphere of a room. Check out the following 8 stunning ceiling design ideas that may add style and uniqueness to your home.

Nature Friendly Homes with Wooden Walls

Wooden walls can create a warm, nature friendly atmosphere inside a home and help blur the boundaries between indoor and ourdoor spaces. Check out some really beautiful homes with wooden walls.

Bold Wall Pattern Inspiration from Panache Interior Design

If you've been thinking about adding a little style to your interior walls but have lost the confidence to do something really bold, we came across one Austin interior design company that's implementing bold wall patterns without fear.

Modern Wall System Design that can be Rotated – Change It!

Its a modern wall design concept that could be rotated and changed depend on your taste/mood. The basic principles for Amirkhan Abdurakhmanov’s Change It! wall concept is a construction of three-sided colored pixels that allows you to configure wa...

Paper Extravaganza

Master's paper, the American artist Charles Clary cutting, painting, and then superimposed layers of paper creating organic forms or abstract out the walls.

Tres Tintas

Jaime Design Milk
Tres Tintas

Tres Tintas has introduced a new collection of wallpaper and fabrics called Sophie, which includes these two awesome geometric prints, Meridian and Blatt.

A Roundup of Striped Walls

Apartment Therapy
A Roundup of Striped Walls

More and more we've been seeing stripes show up on walls and floors adding boldness and visual interest to rooms.

MIT Developing Concrete That Lasts for 16,000 Years

Civil engineers at MIT are currently developing a new breed of concrete that will be able to last for 16,000 years. Concrete is one of the most frequently used and widely produced man-made building material on earth, with over 20 billion tons prod...

Tetris Tiles

Inspired by the world’s most popular game, comes the world’s most popular tiles.