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Interior Designers

B&B Italia's Furniture for Elegant Office

The Italian furniture company B&B has showcased their office furniture with elegant designs from black wood and oak. The collection focuses on the simple designs which gives your office the new inspirational looks.

Modern House By The Lake

This is a modern house in the wood on the lake designed by MW Works Architecture. The views of the lake are from any room in the house. You will feel comfortable and release the stress with the pleasant and cozy atmosphere in this beautiful house.

Dramatic Dangle-Byrd House by Koko Architecture + Design

This house was an opportunity to explore the challenge of maintaining the spirit of craftsmanship within a modern demestic landscape. The house consists of three interlocking volumes. The impression has is that the house is two 'shadow-boxes' conn...

Living Space For a Young Single Lawyer

You live alone and you want to find a elegant and modern living house for your living. Take a look at the photos of an industrial style loft designed by Diego Revollo. This design is a perfect choice for a single living and you will be comfortable...

Modern Addition for 18th Century Farmhouse

If you love the natural beauty of the countryside to enjoy the peaceful and cool atmosphere for your living. Invite you to view the photos of the architectural by Philadelphia-based studio Wyant Architecture with a modern design addition to an exi...

The Paradise Cabin in The Mountain Designed by Hightline Partners

Located at Yellow Club in Big Sky, Montana. A rustic cabin like a paradise in the moutain, separate with outside world that surrounded by stream, horse pasture forest, it recieved a platinum LEED - certified home. The cabin have wide 2,200 square ...

Stunning Decor : Kips Bay Decorator Show House

The Kips Bay Decorator Show House held annual, it showcased the talents of the interior design .Take a tour of these pictures. Each designer with every style but all are stunning and beautiful. Let's see who is the best desginer.

Parisian Apartment Design With Versailles Charm

Here are the images of Parisian Apartment Design With Versailles Charm by designers Isabelle Stanislas and Leiko Oshima. The clever temperament is seen in an overwhelming brew of everything: black and white, glamorous details and rough wood. The i...

Impressive with Glass House in Japan By NAF Architect and Design

Check out the images of the "Glass House for Diver" designed by NAF, located in Japan. The exterior is generated by stacking 1x1x1.5 meter blocks on top of one another, similar to the form of breakwaters to dissipate waves. Each room inside the Gl...

A Natural Sunshine for the House

Designer Martha Vicas has renovated this home at Cleveland Park. Vicas blend vintage furniture from different periods especially she used the nature sunshine make it bright everywhere.

Exhibition in San Francisco's Decorator

All designation belongs to designers West Coast, Brian Dittmar, Geoffrey De Sousa and many others. It's an exhibit and combinate from a lot of styles together.

Collection from IKEA for your home in 2013

IKEA is already presenting its 2013 collection of furniture & home accessories. The new 2013 collection from IKEA which includes furniture, linen and decorative accessories is characterized by some special features give you more choices for your s...

Massive Two Level Family Residence

Take the time to see a modern house designed by Azaya House in Seattle for a young couple and two kids. The design creats a unique layout, fitting a modern home. I think you will be pleasure with the life in this apartment.

A Peaceful Retreat in California

When life's stresses and strains get too much for you, head over to see some picks designed by Chicago architect Dirk Denison, you will find a peaceful retreat that's bound to have you relaxed in no time.

Modern Patio House with Natural Light designed by Reza Aliabadi

The Patio House was designed by Reza Aliabadi. This is a unique modern house for who wants to seek a comfortable living space and clean modernity. It's stylish design give you the feeling of bringing natural light into the home.

An Amazing Home in The Boat

Chris Mead and Zoe Hoare have created an amazing home in the boat. Then they filled the space with a more-is-more array of their best booty to date.

Apartment with Simple but Cozy Design

Located in Fourth Avenue in Linnéstaden, it’s a bright and inviting two-room apartment with simple but very cozy design. It's stylish design give you the feeling of luxurious living.

Skyline for Colorful House

Get inspiration from this house that envoke for us about an open sky, give a new breath for there. Check out these pics. and feeling this design by Bethany Herwegh.

Gorgeous House of Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani is a fashion designer. His fashionable always subtle but also elegant, he use dark mahogany instead of golden pine to degisn his house in Switzerland.

Wonderful and Gorgeous Apartment with SB Architects

San Francisco based design firm SB Architects has designed this gorgeous apartment. This San Francisco apartment are designed with the desire of creating a contemporary design expression with sustainable ideals. Looking at the images below its evi...

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