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Interior Designers

Beautiful Minimalist Loft in Amsterdam

The loft located in Amsterdam is really beautiful by the way it's decorated, very bright and shiny. The main space just spreads on 70 sq-mt, but thanks to the smart settings by Dutch architect Laura Alvarez and contemporary interiors, this loft pr...

Most Breathtaking Hallway & Interior Decorating Ideas

Would you like to turn every corner at your home become a masterpiece or just an artistic idea? Today, we visit some of the most breathtaking hallway & interior decoraing ideas from SAOTA - the famous & best Architecture and Design studios in the ...

The Luxurious Golf Resort

Enjoy the private golf home presented by Alberto Apostoli with a new kind of luxury and amazing feeling for anyone dreaming of owning a golf resort. This 'Hole in One' project likes a home spa with creative bedroom built in a bathroom with Jacuzzi...

Panton Chair for Creativity Lovers

Verner Panton is one of the most famous chair design. Panton always launches most creative designs to satisfy the customers' demands. Here are most stylish and comfortable chair for home cooler and lovelier.

Interior Design for Single Girl

This apartment design is perfect for marvelous single girls. From the living room to the bathroom, this apartment design is really amazing.

Art Collectors Loft in Luxury Concept

THis is the collection of lofe designs by Poteet Architects. These rooms are so luxury in mixing between white, gray and yellow hues with modern interiors and elegant details.

Sophistic Tamashii chair by Anna Stepankova

Designed by Czech student Anna Stepankova, called Tamashii chair, the dining chair made completely by wood with traditional technique in a morden design. It is also suitable for any dining area.

Spectacular Minimalist Sinaporean House

Shanghai-based architecture firm Neri & Hu Design and Research Office has featured the modern house in minimalist concept. The house structure and glass walls allows the freeze air and natural light through days and nights.

A Stylish Salon with Purple Blue Theme

Let's see the stylish and luxurious Salon interior with white background and soft purple, designed by Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz that can create a little bit of heaven looks.

Bright with Simple Design in Notting Hill

Located in Notting Hill, London, England a desirable area of this country, this residence with the modern but simple design give you the stylish living with it. Designed by London-based design studio Seth Stein Architects this residence is really ...

Colorful Glass Kitchen for Greater Love of Cooking

Karim Rashid cooperated with Italian kitchen manufacturer Scavolini for the very stylish and funny kitchen for those love the joy and luxury. The unique combination between colorful glass and modrn design in the series of kitchen sanitary are the ...

Luxury Apartment with Smart Decor

The apartment with modern interior designs work well with the lighting setting make it more spacious and spacious. The white hues in the home and lighting concepts seem very perfect in making the home look clean and declutter, and every room has a...

Cheer Up Your Life in the Multicolor House

How amazing when we can live in the joyful house combined lot of colors! Featuring from many colors and harmony by the white color made the house brighter and more joyful. Let colors cheer you up everyday by the funny decor.

Get inspired Inside Picnic with Grass Table

Now you no need to go outside for your picnic, we have table by vegetation right your dining room. The PicNYC table was designed by 2011 by Haiko Cornelissen who love nature. Get inspired from inconvenient time, he created this. Made out of lightw...

Typical Hongkonger Apartment by OneByNine

This small apartment is loceted among the most dynamic city in the world - Hongkong, designed by OneByNine architecture studio. The apartment also contains an open space for family gathering and enjoyment. In a small space, but with the smart arra...

Modern Vintage Luxury Apartment by Geometrix

This modern vintage, black and white luxury apartment, decked out with Marilyn Monroe prints on the walls that evoke the 1950's era by interior decorators Geometrix. This is perfect for 1950's celebrity like Marilyn with a love for old Hollywood g...

The Dark Side of Melissa Collison

If you decide to decorate with black color in your home, this will create a stunning and dramatic decor. This also gives a fresh, clean and sophisticated and elegant look to your house. Check out the dark decoration by Sydney-based Melissa Colliso...

Contrastive Interior Decors by Melissa Collison

Melissa Collison is a designer master interior design. Her decoration always have unique shapes and contrastive, the decors are cohesive and that everything combined perfectly, the color palette also.

Green House by Pearse Architects

Pearse and Brian Kierman architects have completed the morden Birchgrove house. Surrounded by garden the owners are keen gardeners so they keep the house fresh and airy

Modern and Tranquil Beach House at New York

Located on Shelter Island, New York, architect Cary Tamarkin has creatived the perfect beach house The materials by concrete and lots of wood even furniture made the house warm and elegant.

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