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Feng Shui

5 Elements of Feng Shui in Interior Design

Fire, water, earth, metal and wood are 5 elements of a Feng Shui. So, if you want to restore peace and bring energy into your own home, you should not miss 5 Feng Shui elements.

Designing a Peaceful Feng Shui Bedroom

Place your bed in right corner or decorating bedroom in best style will create a peaceful, calming and soothing environment. Check out a few ideas on how to feng shui your bedroom and get ready to create more harmony, energy in your retreat.

What You Need To Know About Fresh Garden Koi Ponds

Nothing can be more refreshing in a lazy day than sitting in a relaxing outdoor with koi pond to enjoy green environment and see fishes swim. In Chinese feng shui, design a pond around home can bring more luck, health and money to home-owners. Her...

More beautiful and lucky with Feng Shui Products

The aim and goal of good Feng Shui is to remove whatever is negative and is not in good or useful condition. How water fountains bring a positive environment in your home? Choose these Feng Shui Products to make your house more beautiful and lucky...

Asian Bedroom in Feng Shui Rules

In Asia, the most important thing in home decor is to follow the feng shui rules. When builing a house or decorating, they always check the feng shui to bring the best and harmony to the home, from living room, kitchen and to the bedroom. Here are...

Designing a Feng Shui-safe Garden

Basing garden design on the right feng shui is very important, because the layout and the harmony of elements in your garden influence how much money flows into your home and the love your family shares. Here are some useful tips.

Buddhist-style Kitchen by Studio 1:1 Inc

“A modern kitchen is not only a center of a house, but also a cultural reflection of personal tastes, habits and heritage. The Lin’s kitchen project set an extra challenge for designers because of client’s traditional background. The main objectiv...

Feng Shui Home Office Brings You Good Luck

Feng Shui is very important, as it affects health, happiness and especially success. Those working at home should apply the following Feng Shui tips to improve their home office and attract positive energy (the "chi" element).

Feng Shui Your Home with Candles

Luxury Housing Trends
Feng Shui Your Home with Candles

In order to Feng Shui your entire home, you need to research and learn quite a bit about the process. If you don’t have time to rearrange all of your furniture, add some balance to your home with this candle set.

Deborah Bouton, founder of Environmental Harmonies in Carbondale, said that Feng Shui is about achieving the proper balance in your home. (Brent Stewart / The Southern)

If home is where the heart is, what bearing does the state of your house have to do with your personal or mental health?

Feng Shui for Winter Nights

Betsy Stang News Blaze
Feng Shui for Winter Nights

Red is not just for Santa! Red is the color of warmth, of fire, of yang. It is the antidote for the cold yin nights of winter. Warm your nights with just the right chi by practicing these feng shui tips for winter colors, light, warmth, safety and...

Office Feng Shui

Leigh Hopkins
Office Feng Shui

Using A Bagua To Rethink Your Space

Attaining perfect harmony, balance in the bedroom

MANILA, Philippines―A bedroom is probably one of the most important areas of a house since this is where you can be alone with your thoughts and, at the same time, be with someone more intimately.

The Best Place to Hang a Mirror

Jill Denton Wordpress Blog
The Best Place to Hang a Mirror

I love it when a mirror reflects the outdoors. A mirror placed across from a window or patio door will bring the beautiful outdoors in. Beautiful is a key word. Don’t reflect the outdoors if all you see is a fence or a shed. Although this is my...

Feng Shui Your Kitchen

Laurie Y. Burke Kitchen Design Notes
Feng Shui Your Kitchen

Here is an interesting topic over at Green Living, Feng Shui Your Kitchen. Do you need a quick fix to avoid stagnant chi (life energy)? Want to feel healthier and attract more abundance in your life? Many of the ideas behind Feng Shui are really b...

Is Feng Shui Good for Children?

Pat Heydlauff american Chronicle
Pat Heydlauff

Can Feng Shui be used to encourage children to study and follow the family rules? Does Feng Shui work in the nursery? Will using Feng Shui to balance the home make a difference in your child’s life? Simply put, does it work just as well for childr...

Growing Lighter Through Reducing Clutter

Kalyani Chidam
Growing Lighter Through Reducing Clutter

I'm reading a book on feng shui as applied to clutter by Karen Kingston which is very inspiring. I've been clearing out the cupboards and spaces of my home as fast as I can. A lot of techniques are outlined in the book on how to sort things into d...

Good Quotes: Katharine Weber

Janel Apartmen Ttherapy
Good Quotes: Katharine Weber

We'd love to visit the apartment from her novel, The Little Women... "Long before feng shui was something people in New York had ever heard of, the Greens' apartment had good feng shui.

Home Decor

Everything I know about Korean interior decorating comes from kdramas. Well, pretty much everything. I like how mobile some Korean homes are, at least in the kdramas: you can pick up the bedding and put it away, you can pick up the table and carry...

Feng Shui & Children: Conceiving, Raising and Improving Your Relationships With Children

Creativity and children live together in the same part of your home (according to feng shui) because they share the same energies. Creative people and children are both free to express themselves, no matter what other people may think. And when th...