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For Pets

Lovely Bed Designs for Your Kittens

Pet beds consist of wide range of stylish designs from cute to elegant and materials from wicker frames, plastic styles with modern curves and other unique structures that would give your little pets the most comfortable places to relax.

Elegant NeighBirds by Andreu Carulla.

Neighbird is a charming birds’nest created by Spain-based designer Andreu Carulla for UTOOPIC. Neighbird is suitable to install in both wild and urban environments and you can hang it onto a branch, a structure, a hook or even a wall. This bird’s ...

Stylish Backyard Chicken Coops.

Despite of living the garden, all hens need its private living spaces. So check out these following stylish backyard chicken coops for your lovely poultry, also make some maintenances for your garden good-looking.

Cute and Delightful DIY Birdhouses

Nothing more interesting and better than sitting in the garden to enjoy the fresh atmosphere and listen to birds sing. So, that is why you need spend time to take care these cute and lovely animals. To make something beautiful for your garden and ...

Cool and Stylish Beds for Dogs

Dogs are a very friendly four-legged animal. They are always a part of your family as children or a spouse. So, that is why they are treated with all the kindness. Featuring recycled fabric, suitcase or old towels, the following stylish crafty DIY...

Decorate Your Home With Frozen Fish ?!

Take it easy! We would not suggest you to use frozen fish as a ornament. We would like to present here an unique aquarium in the shape of the cold ice cube created by Chinese designer Arthur Xin. The outside of the tank is designed to create a de...

Lovely Egg Bed for Your Pet.

You are living in a very modern interior style house and you are looking for a perfect space for your pet, this kind of egg bed - pEi Pods won’t make you disappoint. Designed with many bright tones including various pillows, so you can be free to ...

Lovely Bird Apartment!

This bird apartment is a design of Nendo for Ando Momofuku Center, a facility commited to promoting and increasing access to nature activities. Supported by three trees, the dwelling is devided into two sides, on side of the structure is outfitted...

Modern Home for “Lazy Cat”

Catissa is a modern four-storey house for cats created by Mojorno. The house cat was settled on the wall to save space for the room. Each case for one cat. The Catissa likes a bird cage for your cat and make it safe from other dogs and children. T...

Pet-Friendly & Stylish Dog and Cat Homes

Pets are part of the family and man's best friends, so they deserve all the spoiling. Here are some extremely stylish ideas for dog and cat homes that may help you create comfortable and exciting living conditions for your pets.

Ideal spaces for your pet.

How can you raise a pet in your beautiful house with perfect designs? Where they can take a sleep? You worry your pet will mess up your house? Don’t worry! Following these lovely suggestions and you will have a ideal place for them while the bea...

Cool and Stylish Furnitures For Pets

All we know pets are always a member of the family. So try to make safe and comfortable space for your lovely little friends with a selection of cool, stylish furnitures below.

Cool Modern Pet Furniture and Accessories

Sending many thanks to designers for providing furniture and accessories that not only keep your pets happy but also appeal to the design aesthetic of your home. The following cool, modern pet furniture and accessories will create the best living ...

Fun, Cool Dog House Architectures

Created by various designers, here are some extremely stylish and very cool dog houses that will provide your 'best little friends' a comfortable and fun space.

Unusual and Unique Toilet Aquarium

Designed by American company AquaOne, this is the unique and unusual toilet aquarium equipped with a powerful filtration system, waterproof LED lights. Called 'Fish ‘n Flush Toilet Tank Aquarium', the toilet aquarium has two transparent compartmen...

Cool Ways to Create a Dog Friendly Garden

Dog friendly gardens can allow dogs be comfortable in the sun while their owners cna enjoy the green and fresh garden or backyard. Here are some simple ways of creating a cool landscape that both you and your pups will love.

Bed with Special Design for Your Cats

Marta Pietrusiak, a Polish designer who is designed this special kind of beds for cats or scratchers. With this kind of bed, your pets will be satisfy with their place in home.

Beautiful and Modern Fish Tank Designs

Decorating aquarium in home is very popular now, and it is a great way to create a natural atmosphere. Get ready to add your living space a fresh update with the following modern yet beautiful fish tank designs.

Hammock for Your Kitty

This kind of hammock will make your pet feel satisfy and comfortable. With special designs, this hammock is also save many space for your home.

Beautiful Aquariums in Home Interiors

An aquarium not only makes an aesthetic, charming addition to your interiors, but can create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in a room. Get ready to give your living space a fresh update and invite nature into your home with the following beaut...

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